Missouri Capitol.

On Wednesday in Jefferson City on the grounds in front of the main steps to the capitol building close to 1,000 individuals from across Missouri gathered to demonstrate for trans rights and in opposition to SB 39 and SB 49.

“Protect Trans Kids”

“As human beings, we thrive when everyone can live authentic, beautiful lives. Being able to access healthcare is a fundamental part of this. When we are assured we are safe and protected, that we belong, there can be full engagement with the world, and everyone benefits from that. I’m a cis-hetero ally who knows that trans rights are human rights. Everyone deserves to be protected.” – Heather Fleming

“Side With Love”

“I Support Missouri Trans Kids”

“Bans Off Our Bodies”

“Not A Phase”

“Stop Bullying Trans Kids”

“Trans Rights Equal Human Rights”

“Support Trans Educators!”

“I’m here, as an Afro-Latinx trans woman, to highlight the limited access to gender-affirming care in Missouri. Socio-economic status and systemic disparities create underlying issues preventing access to vital healthcare. When elected officials police healthcare, they perpetuate the systemic disenfranchisement of people of color.” – Kendall Martinez-Wright

“These bills targeting trans and gender non-conforming folks and families of Missouri are straight out og the anti-abortion playbook – rooted in disinformation, stigma, and fear. The same politicians that banned abortion are behind these bills. It’s always been about policing and separating families in order to further their own political power and control. Missourians deserve better. Missourians deserve more.” – Maggie Olivia


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