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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo}.

This morning:

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
Fight for the dissident’s right to disagree not the Ministry of Truth’s desire to control. 🇺🇸
10:35 AM · Feb 11, 2023

Fascist pig says what?

Some of the responses to Eric Schmitt (r):

So removing a woman’s right to control her own body, banning books, and telling us what we can or cannot read would fall where?

How was breakfast this morning? Are you going to be at Schmittfest? If so, are you participating in the hot dog eating contest? I’ll bet you could put away quite a few!

Good to know you would not condemn:
Sandy Hook didn’t occur
The Holocaust is a lie
The 2020 election was stolen
The COVID vaccine is killing more people than COVID
Taking X (when it is shown not to work) prevents/cures COVID.

That’s how it started in Nazi Germany and other facist regimes so this is very on brand for you.

I will not fight for a MO GOP legislator’s right to be disrespectful to constituents and tell them to move. I won’t fight for the MO GOP to ban history or strip women of their rights. I will however speak against all that. I will urge folks to pay attention.

Too bad in Missouri when the public comes to testify on and issue the rude assembly walks out. Small minded heads in the sand. You were the top cop and failed the people of Missouri. Shame on you sir, shame, shame, shame.



You are not the dissident. You are the establishment trying to control every facet of every persons life including that which is non of your business.

I thought Harry Potter was on the banned list of books.

Except that we shouldn’t be controlled by the 35% dissident. Common sense governance not culture war bullshit.

Or in your case, fight for your right to lie your ass off. Piss off, bigot.

You sound like Wannabe Huckabee… you really make no sense.

That’s unfair to the Huckabees (r).

Talking Schmitt again