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Mike Parson (r) [2022 file photo}.

Friday afternoon:

Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
We are deeply concerned about reports that Columbia middle school students were subjected to adult performers during what is historically a MLK Day celebration. This is unacceptable.
3:48 PM · Jan 20, 2023

It was a drag show, asshole. You know, individuals in fancy costumes lip-synching show tunes.

He continued:

Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
Parents weren’t clearly informed of the contents of the program, and adult performances are not diversity. Columbia Public Schools should focus on educational experiences that prioritize math, reading, writing, science, and history, which parents expect and demand for their kids.
3:48 PM · Jan 20, 2023

Some of the responses:

Let the locally elected SCHOOL BOARD deal with it! You have bigger issues to deal with. I was subjected to Bob Hope & Danny Kaye in drag as a child. It didn’t change my sexual orientation & I expect you saw them too. This hysteria you are stoking is wrong.

It wasn’t that long ago that DJT was motor boating Rudy Giuliani in drag.

Why are you doing this? You are spreading a lie for political gain.

Remember when Milton Berle, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Flip Wilson, Harvey Korman, Tom Hanks, Dana Carvey, Robin Williams, Jamie Farr all dressed as women and it didn’t make you want to be a transgender woman?

We are deeply concerned that the GOP pass laws forcing girls to give birth to babies, grant her rapists rights over the child, keep or make child marriage legal, refuse to prosecute or sentence rapists or test rape kits. Groomers are family, priests, coaches not drag performers.

Sure, just lie and gaslight

Did you ask what they were from the school or are you only listen to people who saw nothing.

I know that you’re a politician and used to lying but come on.

“Columbia Public Schools invited students to attend the event, according to parents posting on social media sites such as Facebook. Parents were required to fill out a permission slip.”

Absolutely every single bit of this is a lie and you know it

They were informed. The event was listed on the permission slip. The event website had all the details. Parent’s responsibility to confirm everything about the events they are GIVING PERMISSION that their kids can attend.

I really want to dissect what exactly made this an “adult performance”. There was dancing and lip syncing to family friendly songs, so what exactly makes this adult content?

You’re losing it, Chief.

You and the @MissouriGOP are the embarrassment #MAGAMorons

What was adult or offensive about the performance? There are plenty of videos. Show us what you object to specifically. Parents signed off on their kids attending the event and anyone who looked at the public information for the event knew there would be family-friendly drag.

What do you mean by “adult performers”? Are the performers supposed to be only children?

Or is it that they were drag, and you’re trying to use a euphemism to hide your bigotry?

That’s right wingnut framing for you.

Wow, this was really confusing. I thought you meant that the performers should be children/students and instead adults performed. Goodness gracious, learn to explain things. And there is no problem with this in any way!!!

This is a local control issue, not a state issue. The correct process is for parents who believe there was an issue to contact their school board directors. Parents have more influence and control at the local level when we let these systems work.

They had to sign permission slips, also what about 3 drag performers *dressed modestly* is “adult entertainment”?

You will just use this gaslighting to further your agenda of dismantling public education anyway.

So was it Ms Doubtfire?

are these adult performers in the room with us now?

Busy day? I know Missouri public schools are short of funds. Maybe you should focus on that.

When I think you’ve finally hit Rock bottom you manage to scratch and crawl your way deeper. You are gaslighting for your repulsive base. You have no legacy remaining other than a liar.

I am more concerned that Missouri continues to be a national embarrassment.

So I have done family friendly improv performances for decades. Many in Public schools. We played women characters regularly, even wearing wigs and dresses. We were applauded regularly for our “clean” humor. Is that now unacceptable?

Why don’t you just think of it as a skit with the characters in costume?
Now don’t you feel better?


Lol, ok dude.

“… reports that …” is pretty vague. Does that mean you posted this before investigating said reports and therefore cannot comment on specifics?

3 fully clothed drag queens. Nothing inappropriate unless you are a hateful bigot.

Imagine being an adult and taking everything your Grandma claims happened on Facebook or forwards you in an email seriously and at face value.

Now imagine you are also in the Governor’s office in a State of 6 million people.


Transphobic Governor clutches pearls.

You know what’s unacceptable Governor Hee Haw?? That I have fewer rights than I did when you took office. That the MO House argued over what women wear. That you rednecks are terrorizing children over their pronouns. That MO is FORTY NINTH in school funding. Those are REAL issues

No you aren’t.

You’re happy to be presented some distraction politics.


Spare us your ludicrous outrage.

Calm down. Good grief.

Don’t you have anything better to do than try to stir up trouble with lies?

It was probably ANTIFA! Right governor?

Probably sarcasm Right?

Read a book, get a life.

Well, more than one.

I am deeply concerned that you are the exact opposite of what MLK lived and died for. Don’t use his name to spread your hatred.

It wasnt adult entertainment. It was just men dressed as women, singing songs.

Your hyperbole is showing your hate. [….]

“Adult performers”… So, like, actors?

Children see more half-naked adults during football games, my Guy. Ban cheerleaders & shirtless Midwestern drunks covered in red and gold paint, & then we can talk about what performances you consider too “adult” for children to see.

In 2023, this passes for what the Governor of the State of Missouri attends to.


Are you deeply concerned when school football players dress up like cheerleaders for funny skits at their school events? Or the girls dress up like the boys football team? If not, why not?

Because, football.

Who is the “we” you reference? I think most Missourians are worried about actual problems. The Columbia BOE can handle any concerns their parents have.

We are deeply concerned that Missouri children are forced to give birth to their rapist’s baby.
We are deeply concerned about children being gunned down at school.

You are deeply concerned about costumes.
Thoughts and prayers, girl.

[2022 file photo]