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And that is not a good thing.


Welcome to my Jefferson City office!

Which version? Of either. Just asking.

A few of the responses:

Teachers are busy teaching children to survive active shooters in school. I guess we could arm kids with Bibles to throw at a school shooter?

yeppers, nothing says the good book like a glock!! “thout shall always carry guns everywhere especially in schools” corinthians 13 4-8

religion doesn’t belong in our schools, Your beliefs shouldn’t be shoved down others throats.

Our constitution says differently regarding religion…..this leads me to believe you are against our own laws & constitution…..

I don’t think it suggests that it should be taught in schools, I think she is just pandering to morons.

What does this mean as it relates to your responsibility to provide good government for all the people of Missouri, not just those who may agree with you?

Heh. This is Missouri.

Which version of the Bible would you want them to teach from? Does the school board vote on “trespassers” or “debtors”? Can teachers who are divorced lead the prayer? What about *gasp* female teachers who cut their hair and wear pants? Are Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim prayers allowed?
I have so many questions about how you want to incorporate religious studies into public school education.

Mazzie only cares about “her religion” and her interpretation of it. She’d lose her mind if this was suggested by someone of a different faith.

Not every American is a Christian.
And just in case you forgot, AMERICA ISN’T A CHRISTIAN NATION.

I pity you.

Disturbing and unprofessional.

My thoughts and prayers are with your supposed freedom of religion.

A poorly written book of fiction and a handgun?

You would think someone wanting to be a state representative would understand separation of church and state. You would also think they would understand religious freedom. However, I guess that’s asking too much.

I think guns end up in schools way too often

There’s that.

Keep all religion out of our schools! We do NOT want to be like the Taliban!
This is not a Christian nation.
It is a nation in which you are free to be Christian.

what happens when guns do end up in schools? any plans on keeping our kids from mass shootings?

The last thing Missouri needs is another Christofascist in our statehouse.

God this is so cringe

More guns in schools? Brilliant! Needs less mythology though.

Earning some brownie points with your idiot supporters?

This is super lame

Absolutely idiotic

you want to use the gun to force people to read the book.
admit it.

where does jesus tell you to pick up a gun?

whatever justifies your fear-based hatred.

Imagine being this fucking stupid and just announcing it like this.