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Mike Parson (r) [2022 file photo].


Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
Today, we signed into law the largest income tax cut in state history, returning more than $760 million to taxpayers every year.

This means more money for Missourians to spend, invest, and save. Allowing economic growth and business expansion with good-paying jobs in return.
3:28 PM · Oct 5, 2022

Some of the responses:

Piper for Missouri @piper4missouri
Replying to @GovParsonMO
The Kansas experiment all over again. I’m curious, how’d it work out for our neighbors?
7:31 PM · Oct 5, 2022

And nearly all of it goes to the wealthy.

Mike is our Brownback.

We would have preferred our schools be fully funded, our roads fixed, lower grocery taxes but nah that $11 is life changing

Tax cuts while our public education system is chronically underfunded.

They consider that a feature, not a bug.

I’m going to save my tax cut for 77 years and buy a new set of tires!

I’m going to use my $11 to pay a coyote to smuggle victims of rape & incest into Illinois for abortion services. [….]

We see what you did there.

What will I do with all of those TENS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR??

We know these “tax cuts” are intended for your donors and big corporations. The average Missourian won’t see very much, just as you intended, right pappy?

I wish you would just keep my $10 and fill a pothole on Hwy 63 South. Just drove to Columbia and back. The roads could use some work. Will any of those big corporate farms who are getting the REAL money use it on the roads their huge trucks tear up?

Thank you so much for that extra McDonalds value meal every month. It means so much to me! [….]

I’ll only be getting $1.26 per month. I can’t even go to Dollar Tree [….]

What will we do with the $11?

You should’ve said that truthfully, the largest scam on taxpayers in Missouri history.

Thanks for nothing. You are defunding education and support for families. Helpful for the wealthy not the average citizen. [….]

Good to know the little bit of money I get back can go to increased local taxes and car repairs due to crumbling roads

This means even fewer dollars spent to care for and serve the public.

This is like going on a huge vacation but not paying the mortgage, electricity, water and insurance bills or buying clothes for your children. It was totally irresponsible and morally corrupt. Mo. is nearly at the bottom of everything valuable, like educating children.

Totally irresponsible! Four day weeks for 25% of Missouri school districts. Hundreds of positions vacant in child welfare agencies and the Dept of Mental Health because pay is so low. That $11/yr isn’t going to stretch very far for parents who need full day care 1 day/week.

It would sure be nice if our schools could stay open 5 days a week.

This isn’t the great campaign tool you think it is. Every time someone in my neighborhood mentions it, the reaction is a big eye roll.

Neglecting public schools and teachers is all I see.

Unless you’re rich, this is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it tax cut.

Shameful. Absolutely shameful.

Of course that 5% will be a big dollar amount for your wealthy friends and not very much for the average Missourian. You could have invested in our state, our children and our communities but you just threw that money away.

You’re a disingenuous hack.

Why did you give the majority of #ParsonsTaxScam to all your wealthy friends and donors? They don’t need the help.

Another hand out for the one percent.

That’s a lot of fancy words just to say you’re going to bankrupt the state.

They consider that a feature, not a bug.

Yeah that $10 is really going t make a huge difference to me this year. Meanwhile schools are disintegrating, teachers are poor, and our roads are destroying my car. But hey I can buy one-eighth of a tire with my $10. Thank god for the GOP.

It’s $100 I’m getting back. What the hell are you talking about?

Show Me… a state that can’t provide basic services.

They have a plan.

You cannot tax cut your state to prosperity.
You will, however, have crumbling schools, roads, bridges and hospitals.
Services to the poor will be cut.
But your rich buddies will be rewarded.
And that’s what really counts, right?

What programs did you cut? What help did the less fortunate lose?

Returning the majority of the money to the rich. Is that what you meant to say?

By “taxpayers” you mean your rich donors.

But when those temporary revenues are drained away he’ll cut services even more to the bone so his rich friends won’t have to lose their tax cut. It’s a Republican dream scenario.

Tax cuts for the wealthy while our rural schools go to 4 days a week, children in foster care are abused and go missing, and our roads are crumbling. You care for the rich and neglect those in poverty. Shame on you Mike Parson. You are an evil pestilence.

What you’re not getting: