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Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].


Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
InFlAtIoN rEdUcTiOn AcT.
cLiMaTe CrIsIs.
3:03 PM · Aug 17, 2022

Tell us all your twelce years old, without telling us your age.

Some of the responses:

Of CoUrSe YoU aRe ThIs PaThEtIkKk

So instead of commenting on the bill’s content, indicating areas you believe have issues, and offering critiques of specific texts, we get Spongebob Squarepants typing from you.

How is this supposed to convince us you are Senate material Eric? [….]

So you’re showing what how an adult should not act who’s running for the Senate? Well, good job.

Otherwise, you’re post is that of an eight year old who needs to be scolded. Hopefully @buschvalentine is taking notes of examples of your poor behavior to use in her advertising.

As a “leader”, how are we supposed to take you seriously when you write like that? What is this even supposed to mean?

I guess Eric figures if he becomes a Senator he can buy safety for a couple generations of Schmitts before the mass extinction event.

To be fair, he’s not that forward thinking.

Look around, Eric. Record heat, drought, predictions for continued extreme weather. Yes, we should do something about it, and help the economy along the way.

Look people! @Eric_Schmitt doesn’t know how to use the caps key. He is still in 8th grade

Climate change is completely real Eric. Scientists have been saying it for years. We approaching the point where it will be too late. What will you tell your grandchildren? “Sorry about fucking the planet, I just needed more money.”

Good grief. You are the AG of the state of MO. You are asking us to make you a Senator of the United States. Tweets like this are beneath the dignity of either office and you should be ashamed of yourself. Being a public servant is SERIOUS. Start acting like you understand that.

And mocking the urgency of the very real and now very obvious climate crisis just makes you a horrible human being.

Ahh, the classic Lincoln Douglas debate tactic of silly capitalizations….

So, you’re anti legislation that helps Americans and you’re anti science. Typical look for a Missouri magat politician. Dumb.

So you think historic drought for Missouri Farmers is funny?