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Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].


Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
It’s not enough to take the majority back — we need to send the right people there. We need more America First fighters.
4:24 PM · Jun 15, 2022

Some of the responses:

Are you saying we need more election officials who won’t certify elections when American First candidates lose?

Glad you feel that way, and that person/people is NOT you.

So you’re withdrawing from the race?

You’re running to be a legislator, not an infantryman. We need intelligent people who can work on both sides of the aisle to accomplish something. Not people who want to be on Fox News every night.

Eric, you have no constructive suggestions for anything. You cover it up by saying you’re a fighter.

So besides being a complete failure as Attorney General for the people of Missouri, now you are openly aligning for the overthrow of American Democracy. Good to know.

You need to stop inciting violence.

No. You’re wrong. As usual. We need HONEST representative s. You’re not honest. You’re just a cheezy R trying to scam your way into the senate. You are a trumper. Notice how he’s getting exposed in the 1/6 hearing?

What is your definition of America First fighters @Eric_Schmitt? An AG that sues everyone w/o cause? A lousy lawyer who points guns @ people walking down the street? The kinky bondage, blackmailing Ex-Governor or Treasonous Senator who fails to represent those from his State?

You are weak and a coward. You use your office to bully, intimidate, and as a campaign tool. You do nothing constructive to improve the lives of average Missourians.