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Who else, right?

Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].


Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
Today, I discussed the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, and the importance of expanding access to mental health care.
5:01 PM · Jun 7, 2022

Some of the responses:

You’ve accepted over 4 million from the NRA to remain mute on guns.

You voted to repeal the ACA and take mental healthcare away from people. There was no replacement. Only repeal. [….]

July 25, 2017

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) released the following statement after voting to begin debate on House-passed legislation that would repeal and replace Obamacare. The Senate now has the opportunity to consider amendments to the measure before it comes to a final vote.

“Obamacare has left Missouri families with higher costs, fewer options, and less access to quality health care,” Blunt said. “With today’s vote, I’m glad the Senate is moving forward with debate on the House-passed bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. All senators will now have the opportunity to offer amendments and look at ways we can improve the final product. My hope is that we will be able to find common ground on solutions that meet the needs of Missourians, and create a more stable and reliable health care system.”

What about common sense gun legislation? You aren’t up for re-election. Speak out. It’s time for some courage @RoyBlunt

See above.

You’ve consistently voted against gun safety legislation and expanding mental health resources while taking $4,500,000+ from the NRA. [….]

Too bad people experiencing mental health issues are more likely to be VICTIMS of gun violence rather than perpetrators
What about easy access to guns?Because that’s the ONE THING we have that’s different from anywhere else.
What will you do about America’s Gun Violence epidemic?

So the party always pushing cuts in social services and mental health care is expected to be seen as the party that understands the importance of expanding access to mental health care. Delicious.

Expanding mental health services wouldn’t have prevented the Uvalde school shooting.
It’s not too late for you to do the right thing and support common sense gun laws.

What about #AssaultWeaponsBan , expanded #backgroundchecks and enhanced #RedFlagLaws ? We need these measures to #StopGunViolence . Every nation in the world has citizens with mental health problems; no other nation has our level of #GunViolence .

Your legacy will be tied to future mass shootings with newly acquired AR-15’s. Live with that in your retirement. You had a chance to make a difference.

Do Americans have more mental health issues than any other country? No, in fact, we don’t. The difference is easy access to assault rifles. Please address the real problem!

Stop. It’s the unfettered access to guns and you know it

Expanding access to mental health care is good, but it’s not a replacement for actually addressing the problem – there are too many guns on the streets, and they are too powerful.

Don’t exploit mental health to enable mass murder.

For the love of Pete, your State, Missouri, is 51st in Mental Healthcare access and would do less if it could. This isn’t serious. It’s the guns.

Does he think the Uvalde shooter wanted access to mental healthcare, but couldn’t get it?

Ok so what bills are you sponsoring or supporting that does such a thing? ACA? Medicaid expansion? CHIP? Where’s that Trump healthcare that was supposed to be “terrific,” “phenomenal” and “fantastic”?

How about some gun safety laws? Do you not care if children are shot at school? Do you not care if people are shot in a church or grocery store? Think about what you can do as a senator to make Missourians safer while they go about their daily lives.

What a brave stance… that no one opposes, doesn’t hurt your finances, and doesn’t meaningfully address school shootings.

No one thought you’d risk future lobbyist dollars/rubles for the safety of school children.

We see what you did there.

So, you’re sticking with *Thoughts & Prayers* #WhatsYourLegacy

Roy, Roy, Roy.
Stop it. You know, I know, all countries have mental health issues. Other countries have universal health care. BUT dude, none of those other countries have mass killings because none of those other countries allow citizen, especially 18 y/o, to buy assault rifles.

Unfortunately, it’s the expanded access to weapons of war that is the reason for the gun violence in our country.

He knows that. He doesn’t care.

Yes, we have heard this song and dance many times before. Please just be honest and say that the gop will never oppose the nra.

The NRA has contributed millions of dollars to Missouri’s senators. Sen. Roy Blunt is the fourth-largest NRA benefactor in Congress, with more than $4.5 million in help since 1996, and Sen. Josh Hawley is the 12th, approaching $1.4 million in contributions in just four years.

Now what about passing gun safety reform?

Good idea. Because the US is the only country in the world with mental health problems, which explains why it’s the only country in the world with regular mass shootings. Thanks, Roy!

Wait one minute! This is not the first mass shooting. It is NOT the first time you (and Republican) have used mental health as an excuse. Please tell me, what have YOU done, in all these years, to, even once, increase/improve mental health treatment, just one, I’ll wait.

This message brought to you by @RoyBlunt a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gun Manufacturing Lobby.

“No number of dead school children is too high a price to pay.”

Guns! It’s the Guns Roy! If I can’t drive an Indy car 300 mph to the grocery store, Jim Bob doesn’t need an AR 15 to shoot varmit

Narrator: “It was never about the varmints.”

It’s the guns.

Do the right thing, Roy. It’s already too late for many sweet innocent children. Enact common sense gun regulations.

It’s Roy Blunt (r). It’s not gonna happen.


This is nothing but a smoke screen. Tougher gun laws are needed. Why does anyone need an AR-15? They don’t! These guns need to be banned. This is a weak answer to this epidemic.

On behal

f of those of us in the mental health field, we’ll believe it when we see it.

Narrator: “They never did.”

That’s terrific, @royblunt. Now do guns

$4.5 million from the NRA.

Which roughly translated as “blah blah blah, not going to do anything about it, blah blah 2nd amendment, blah blah, ya still not going to do anything about it



Translator: Today I did absolutely nothing to combat the issue of gun violence in America. Thank you. Now if you will excuse me I have some NRA donations to count.

It’s the guns.

We see who you are.

It’s not mental healthcare…it’s the guns.FFS.

Way to deflect from the real problem, ya know… the guns.

4 million dollars sure is worth other peoples kids dying though huh?

4 MILLION from the NRA! #NRABloodMoney


And you’ll more than likely vote no on any gun bill that goes to the Senate. Gotta keep the NRA happy. Right, Roy?


Guns are the problem but you just can’t walk away from that good ol NRA cash. How many kids have to die before you have enough money?

It’s the guns. No matter how many millions you take from the NRA, it’s the guns. @RoyBlunt


Did you ask discuss the millions $ the NRA has given you. Or as I like to call it your pivot payment. Pivot to anything other than guns, am I right Senator?

Is this a joke? What about guns?????

#ItsTheGunsStupid #GunControlNow

It’s the guns Roy. You are complicit in the piles of dead children. YOU.

That alone won’t solve the problem. You’re not interested in doing anything.

And on and on.