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Denny Hoskins (r) [2017 file photo].

This morning:

Senator Denny Hoskins, CPA @DLHoskins
Please pray for the victims and their families.
8:44 AM · May 25, 2022

Some of the responses:

Faith without works is dead.

Praying doesn’t seem to work, maybe we should try something else.

Please do something to prevent this from happening again. You weren’t elected for your ability to pray, you were elected to pass laws.

Your prayers mean absolutely NOTHING!!! You are a disgrace!

Prayers do not stop bullets common sense gun laws would be a fresh approach. Your pro birth but post birth children are collateral damage it’s GUNS no matter how many children die

This is what Dennys answer is to school shootings. 212 mass shootings in our country so far this yr, when will it happen in Mo.? Blame the elected officials who get rich off the NRA to pass laws that favor GUNS over your child’s life.

No outrage only prayers that don’t stop bullets

You passed #SAPA which was opposed by law enforcement and would prevent federal authorities from helping when (not if) there’s a school shooting in Missouri. You’ve made it easier to buy guns.

You don’t care about any of these people. Spare is your false prayers.

Log off, Denny.


Obviously we’ve been praying for over 20 years. It doesn’t seem to be working because it keeps happening and you all are complicit and choose unfettered access to guns over living, breathing human beings. So you too can STFU.