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This morning:

Ann Wagner @AnnLWagner
Democrats support abortion up until the minute before the baby is born and a moment after. It’s unacceptable.
8:36 AM · May 10, 2022

Some of the responses:

Pants on fire, Ann.

That is an untrue statement, Ann!

Okay, a liar, too.

Name ten democrats in state or federal legislative bodies that have spoken in support of something as radical as this. I’ll wait.

This is a complete lie. Shame on you.

The bare minimum we should expect from a representative is not to mislead her constituents with such a ridiculous lie. You can’t even clear that bar.


That’s a lie. It’s misleading. It’s patently false. It harms women and children.

Did someone tell you this or did you make it up?

You lie.

How about you stop LYING?! FFS you are an embarrassment.

Typical of you to lie, just like the rest of the GOP.

Ann Wagner, disrespectfully, shut the fuck up