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Today, from Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick (r):

Scott Fitzpatrick @FitzpatrickMO
What is a more stupid idea than taxing unrealized gains?
8:42 AM · Mar 30, 2022

Yes, he did. There was much hilarity in the responses:

Lindsey Simmons @LynzforCongress

Doing this.
Schools left ‘scrambling’ after Missouri treasurer tied bond deals to AG’s COVID demands [….]
9:47 AM · Mar 30, 2022

Crystal Quade @crystal_quade
Banning books?
8:59 AM · Mar 30, 2022

Ashley Aune @Ashley4MO
Treating LGBTQ+ Missourians like second class citizens?
9:00 AM · Mar 30, 2022

Keri Ingle @RepKeriIngle
Storming the US Capitol in a failed attempt to overthrow an election?
8:56 AM · Mar 30, 2022

Constantly whining about progressive blue states while living off of what they pay into the federal government.

This tweet, it would seem.

No joke. Every response to this tweet is a salient point that hits like a slap of reality.

Kneeling to a man who asked the Russian dictator who’s actively committing war crimes to help him overthrow a duly elected American president.

Censoring students and teachers

Policies that result in generations of Missourians unable to get a good job at a good wage because they grew up with four-day school weeks, the lowest paid teachers in America, and a Legislature more concerned with banning books than helping kids. #moleg

Putting bounty on womens heads for wanting body autonomy

Attempting to ban Missouri residents from getting abortions out of state?

Eating horse paste and drinking your own urine?

Trying to make laws about what Missourians are and are not allowed to do in other states, like access basic reproductive healthcare. #MOdeservesbetter

A 7-1 congressional map

Having an idea that snitching out your neighbors can net you some cash

Raging against big government while legislating women’s and lgbtq rights?

Perhaps that whole thing when you threaded schools and their bond funding…

Eric Schmitt

We see what you did there.

Voting for MO GOP.

Decades of disinvestment in public education?

Not understanding how public bond debt works when you are a state treasurer.

Blackmailing school districts is up there.

Cutting taxes on the wealthy. That’s more stupid, but we’ve done that already.

Convincing a bunch of your voters to die from a preventable disease.

Wow, Scott. You really opened up a can of worms with that question. Maybe consider some of the answers.

Asked and answered.