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Vicky Hartzler (r) [2021 file photo].


Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Rural hospitals are struggling due to the authoritarian vaccine mandate on our frontline heroes.

Nearly 1 in 5 healthcare workers have already quit their jobs during the pandemic. We can’t risk losing more due to these harmful mandates.
4:21 PM · Jan 27, 2022

Some of the responses:

So says the largest welfare queen in the history of Missouri.

Remember when you voted against sending more relief to hospitals?

Her voting record further demonstrates her lack of empathy and horrible a value for the constituents she serves.

One of the largest healthcare providers in Missouri (BJC) had 300 out of 31,000 employees refuse the vaccine.

The vaccine is 90% effective for preventing hospitalization.

Fewer vaccinated healthcare workers = more healthcare workers becoming hospital patients.

Your district lost 7 rural hospitals under your watch?? Seven? [….]

Local arsonist is also the firefighter.

Imagine the mental gymnastics it takes to say that vaccine mandates are hurting our hospitals, not that 96% of patients admitted with COVID-19 at Cox in Springfield, MO are unvaccinated. I am sure no different in Boone County. Absolutely unreal, Vicky.

Rural hospitals are hurt more by the lack of Medicaid expansion.

Thanks to YOU!!!

Hey, still waiting for your ACA replacement plan you promised back in 2010.

Eleven years and change if anyone is counting.

Do you understand how any of this works?

No. This has been another edition of short answers to simple questions.

Lol, rural hospitals aren’t struggling from the mandate nearly as much as they are burnout, and a lack of resources. Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion money relieves that financial and resource strain, remind us of how you feel about the Medicaid Expandion and obamacare again?

This healthcare hero thinks vaccine mandates are a great idea for anyone who works in direct patient care and the actual risk is from people like you who work to hamstring the medical safety net and public health response at every turn.

Maybe you should tell the vaccine deniers to do the right thing, then. Get vaccinated.

Our Frontline heros are burned out due to risking their lives trying to save lives of those who refuse to Vax and mask. Shame on you @RepHartzler!

Rural hospitals in Missouri are indeed struggling. 95% of deaths are among the unvaccinated. The best way to help is vaccinate and mask. You could also help by supporting them with additional funding.

How many times did you vote against helping them and how much PPP did you pocket?

Goddamn, you turn my stomach

Rural hospitals are struggling in Missouri because your party refused to expand medicaid and is still trying to find ways to block funding.

Are you stupid or purposely lying to your supporters?


You need to take a hard look in the mirror and then sit down about rural hospitals in Missouri. You are a HUGE part of the problem they are struggling.

You took $480,000 in PPP money to line your pockets. Give it to these rural hospitals that you ‘care’ do much about.

There is a Trumper friend of mine in MERCY Hospital here in St. Louis. He listened to FOX NEWS and the MO AG. He is about to die because his POS wife insisted he not get vaxxed.
Please come to his funeral & explain why their dad is expendable for political gain. You can burn…

Your source is Rand Paul? He’s a charlatan who couldn’t hack it in the real Medical Profession. Take a seat.

This wins for most ignorant tweet of the day…no competition….nearly 4,000 Americans died yesterday from Covid.

This is your legacy…too many needless Covid deaths.

I’m a surgeon working in a rural hospital in Missouri.

This is an absolute lie. We are struggling because we cannot keep up with onslaught of COVID cases – mostly from unvaccinated people – many of whom chose to believe the disinformation put out by you your ilk.

You’re a liar.

Another prime example of the bald-face lies told by our Missouri representatives and officials. She knows she voted against every initiative to assist rural hospitals, and with her fellow Republicans was successful in slashing funding. But yet she blames vaccine mandates.

Excuse me lady. You voted against every measure to assist rural hospitals. Every single one. Rand Paul is not a real doctor. Rural hospitals are struggling because republicans have under funded them for years. #GOPHypocrisy

Think maybe it has more to do with you voting against aid for those hospitals? As for why they’re quitting…that might have something to do with the constant flow of unvaccinated idiots going to the hospital? Try being less of a hack and more of a helper.

They’re struggling because people are getting admitted to hospitals with an illness a couple of shots would prevent. They struggle because of your actions and inactions. You are a disgrace

You realize you voted against support for those hospitals. You are a hypocrite and should be ashamed of yourself.

There you go.