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Joe Biden left for Wilmington, Delaware for another undeserved weekend off.
2:07 PM · Dec 11, 2021

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Your guy literally set a record for golfing so much

Cool. Now tell us about January 6th. [….]

Tell us about the PowerPoint presentation.

It must be nice to have literally negative shame.

Congrats, @gop. This has to be some kind of world record for leaving yourself wide open. [….]


Maybe he will golf at one of his properties oh wait

Is he going golfing?

This is just a parody account at this point

That actually made us check.

You guys seems less interested in proclaiming the greatness of the economy based on stock market record highs and low unemployment numbers this year. Why is that?

There’s that.

The absolute lack of awareness in this tweet doesn’t even shock me [….]

No worries, he got his sharpie out and circled all the places the tornadoes didn’t hit.

We see what you did there.

Somebody for the love of God tell me this is The Onion.

It isn’t.

Is he golfing at a resort he owns? And charging the Secret Service?

Did he wear a tan suit?

Elephant in the room.

The lack of self awareness is comical