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Today, from a campaign account [“Christian. Wife. Mother. Life-Long Conservative. U.S. Congresswoman. Sanctioned by the Chinese Communist Party. Running for #MOSEN.”]:

Vicky Hartzler @VickyHartzlerMO
Don’t let the woke mob control where we can eat!

Chick-fil-a was dropped from the new Kansas City Airport Terminal after the woke mob cried fowl and stirred up controversy.

Sign the petition and tell the Kansas City Airport that we want Chick-fil-a!
2:57 PM · Nov 8, 2021

The continuous outrage. Sigh.

Define “woke”. Does that include two all beef patties? Just asking.

As always, there is much hilarity in the responses:

CF always says this lie. Truth who puts a restaurant into an airport that refuses to be open on what is often the heaviest travel day of the week?

Airports wants them open 7 days a week but they refuse. Other brands do 24/7 so other brands get the contract.

Define “woke mob.” Are you referring to your constituents, Missouri voters as the *mob? There’s no more tolerance for hatred Vicky.

Rofl. This is nothing but a click-bait phishing exhibition for campaign donations and voter contact info. In other words, another GOP fundraising scam.

How shocking. A pro-hate Republican defending a pro-hate restaurant chain.

Good lord you’re an imbecile. Your party does alot more canceling and boycotting than moderates and liberals combined you pathetic imbecile.

Vicky Hartzler (r) [2021 file photo].