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You can count on it.

Denny Hoskins (r) [2017 file photo].

Last night:

Senator Denny Hoskins, CPA @DLHoskins
Hold on a second…I thought walls don’t work??? DHS $455K for ‘security fencing’ around Biden’s beach home. #moleg
7:46 PM · Oct 22, 2021

A few responses:

I guess it is too difficult for a CPA to understand protecting a house with a wall is very different from walling off an entire country.

To think this person is a state senator, too.

No one ever said walls don’t work. Notice they arent spending billions for a few miles of wall.

Well, the one with guard towers and mine fields in central Europe sort of worked.

You’re such an obtuse nitwit.

In 2019:

White House Fence Construction

The National Park Service and United States Secret Service began construction on a new White House fence in July 2019. Construction around the 18-acre White House complex will be completed in eight phases using over 3,500 feet of steel fencing. [….]

What will the new White House fence look like?

The current 6 feet 6 inch tall fence will be replaced by an approximately 13 feet tall fence with wider and stronger fence posts. The new fence incorporates anti-climb and intrusion detection technology and is designed to mitigate current and future security threats.

June 2020:

Donald Trump Put a Fence Around the White House to Keep Demonstrators Away. It Is Now Completely Covered in Protest Art
The fence is designed to keep people at least 600 feet away from the president’s residence.

The fence erected outside the White House by President Donald Trump to keep demonstrators at least 600 feet away has been transformed into a memorial wall for George Floyd and a protest site demanding racial and social justice.[….]

Trump, who campaigned on the promise of building a wall on the Mexican border, had 1.7 miles of fencing put around the White House, preventing anyone from entering Lafayette Park and other open spaces around the White House, where demonstrators have protested for more than 100 years. [….]

November 2020:

On the Eve of the Election, the White House Puts Up Extra Fencing in the Dark

Crews began erecting extra security fencing around the White House Monday evening. The fencing appears to be similar to the type installed around the White House complex this past August in advance of President Trump’s RNC speech. These barriers are in addition to fencing that went up downtown following protests earlier this summer [….]

November 2020:

Secret Service planning for Trump spending lots of his post-presidency in Palm Beach

[….] ABC said renovations to the president’s and first lady’s living quarters are underway with the expectation they’d start spending more time there when Biden becomes president and that the Secret Service has “begun looking at physical reinforcements” to Mar-a-Lago. The agency declined to comment on “the means, methods or resources we utilize to carry out our protective mission,” ABC said. [….}

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…

So, anyone want to start adding up the cost of golfing trips?