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Roy Blunt (r) obviously believes we’re all stupid.

Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

This afternoon:

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
The Democrats’ $3.5 trillion tax-and-spend spree is 67% higher than the $2.1 trillion spent by all 50 states combined in 2019. Let that sink in.
4:17 PM · Sep 28, 2021

Math is hard? Disingenuous asshole.

The Democrats’ Build Back Better legislation covers ten years.

As usual, there is much hilarity in the responses:

The Senior Senator of Missouri is against rebuilding our infrastructure over the next ten years.

Let that sink in!

The $3.5 trillion dollar BBB plan is over 10 years versus 1 year for the 2019 spending package, and you know that, but the lie is the point.

Lies are all they have…

Wow. What a liar. Do you think you should mention that one is over 10 years and the other is over 1? Do you not know that? Or do you hold your supporters in such contempt that you think they are too stupid to see through your deception?


… you compared ten years of proposed federal outlays to one year of state outlays?

Maybe you should’ve let that sink in a little bit more before you said it.

This is what happens when reporters never, ever mention the 10-year part

Trump. $7.8 trillion. Refusing to raise the debt ceiling is just Republicans and Trump defaulting on financial obligations. Par for the course.

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…

In 2017, Republicans ran through a $1.9 trillion giveaway the corporations at the expense of American families.

Let that sink in.

What it comes to actually doing something for the American people Republicans would rather preen themselves on camera then actually work.

Hey Senator, how’s this ratio working out for your lie?

WE SEE YOUR SCAM @RoyBlunt. We don’t pay you $175,000/year just to have you protect your wealthy buddies and lie to us.

This is like me saying I’m gonna have to make $150,000 in mortgage payments over the next 10 years and freaking out because it’s 67% higher than my annual income.

1. Our infrastructure is failing. Let that sink in.
2. The climate crisis is upon us. Let that sink in.
If we don’t address #2., #1. will continue to erode & all we will do is spend money to bolster & repair. Time to act is now. Corporations need to pay their fair share. Tax them

It’s not being put on the credit card like the $2 Trillion tax cuts for billionaires that you voted for.

Yes, a ten year federal capital investment plan is higher than one year’s expenditure by state governments (who largely depend on federal expenditures…maybe a double count involved here?). And….?


you keep using these words, i do not think they mean what you think they mean

You had no problem giving huge windfall taxbreaks to the 1% two years ago!! Give the middle class a break for once. Avg income in MO is $55,000. Time to work for your constituents. Support the Infrastructure bill!!

Over ten years. There’s got to be somebody in your office who could explain this to you or, less charitably, somebody in your church who could remind you about the eighth commandment.

There needs to be and SAT test for elected representatives, or even to just get on the ballot. Sen Blunt is clearly not understanding.

Oh, Roy Blunt understands just fine.

“The thing that’s spent over 10 years is higher than one year of spending”- @RoyBlunt

No shit, Sherlock.

Wait. You are comparing a ten-year cost to a one-year cost? Do you think nobody will notice? What is your point?

He knows he can get away with it.

You guys spent 8 trillion in four goddam years. This is 3.5 over 10, for shit we actually need.

There’s that.

How is the trump tax cut working out for most Americans? How is it working out for the top 1%? How much debt did it add? $6 trillion. Let that sink in.

Lets do some math. 3.5 Trillion ÷ 10 years = 0.35 Trillion. Which is higher 0.35 Trillion in a year or 2.5 Trillion in a year?
You clearly couldn’t qualify for a job that requires math to make a product somebody would want to buy.

Over ten years. So its 83% lower than the states spent per year.

From 1/2017 to 1/2021 YOU/GOP raised the National debt by 7.8 Trillion dollars.

This amount represents:

162.5 BILLION dollars per MONTH


5.339 BILLION dollars per DAY

How did the YOUR/GOP’s spending spree help US citizens in the lowest 90% income range?

Narrator: “It didn’t.”

Rs don’t want to pay bills on time – let that sink in


The $3.5 is over 10 years, genius

You don’t know the difference between ten years and one year. Let that sink in.

Math is hard and none of this true, but sure, Senator.

How is it you got elected when you can’t do math. Simple math. The type taught in grade school. How mant children understand the concept that money spent over 10 years is not the same as money spent over 1 year. But you don’t understand this? You also forgot the income.

Is Roy Blunt (r) smarter than a fifth grader? No.

Apparently they don’t teach math in Missouri.

They do, but far too many sleep through class.

Over 10 years, Sparky.

Lucky for you that the Senate doesn’t require a placement test.

To all Roy’s constituents, yes he thinks you’re too stupid to understand the difference between one year and ten years.

Over 10 years, Senator Genius.

This is totally misleading and false. You know it. Retract this tweet.

Either you’re dishonest—or stupid… it’s $3.5trillion over 10 years or $2.1trillion for 1 year

“Tell me you don’t know basic Math without telling me you don’t know basic Math.”

Math is really, really hard for some senators. Let that sink in.

Wow yeah how dare they plan to spend more over 10 years than was spent in 1 year…


thank you for answering the question, “how stupid do you have to be?”

And on and on…