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This will eventually end up costing more than $200,000.00 in public money.

In South Dakota:

As daughter had trouble securing state license, Noem called agency head for a meeting
The Republican governor says the reporting is an attack against her “family.” A Sioux Falls Democrat is calling for an investigation into the ouster of a state employee.
Written By: Christopher Vondracek | 4:01 pm, Sep. 27, 2021

Today, from the right wingnut governor of South Dakota:

Kristi Noem @KristiNoem
Listen I get it. I signed up for this job. But now the media is trying to destroy my children. This story is just another example of the double standard that exists with the media… going after conservatives and their kids while ignoring Liberals #AskTheBigGuy
2:07 PM · Sep 27, 2021

Ah, the republican cult of the victim.

A year ago:

Kristi Noem @KristiNoem
We can’t have corrupt leaders, but the Hunter Biden story signals exactly that kind of corruption and does tremendous damage to Joe Biden’s credibility.

Americans deserve the full truth, and @Twitter and @Facebook should stop blocking it!
3:24 PM · Oct 16, 2020

It’s always projection with republicans, isn’t it?

How much to add that extra face on Mt. Rushmore? Just asking.

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…