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Vicky Hartzler (r) [2021 file photo].


Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Frustrated but not surprised the Biden Administration is trying to remove language from the Defense bill that would protect soldiers from a dishonorable discharge because they do not want the Covid-19 vaccine.
9:38 AM · Sep 23, 2021

As usual, there is much hilarity in some of the responses:

Troops have already taken many vaccines. At this point no religion or medical reason not to be able to take the covid vaccine.

Discharge or let them finish current term if it is before the end of the year.

Vicky, all I can say is read the replies to this Tweet and learn something.

Isn’t that part of the deal when you join the military, follow orders, or suffer the consequences?

Hmm wonder if we could find a way to dishonorably discharge you?

They have 17 mandatory vaccines already. Why is this one different?

You aren’t aren’t familiar with the military much are you?

No worries, just slip it into their salad dressing.

We see what you did there.

Awesome. Good work Biden. If a soldier can’t follow orders to protect themselves and their fellow soldiers, that’s their choice, but they don’t get a pat on the head on their way out.

Frustrated but not surprised you continue to have the worst opinions on covid vaccines.

Frustrated but not surprised that you object this political opportunity and say nothing of the other 16 vaccines they’re mandated to get. Stop embarrassing yourself and your constituents.

Coming from a insurectionists it’s funny u care about anything including any military people

Many, many vaccinations are already required in the military. Move along you gaslighting fascist.

There’s that.