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Roy Blunt (r) continues to be…Roy Blunt (r).

Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].


Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
Republicans warned that Democrats’ enhanced unemployment benefits would make it harder to get people back into the workforce. That’s exactly what has happened.
1:08 PM · Sep 16, 2021

The is much hilarity in the responses:

Except… that’s not true at all: [….]

You don’t get to pat yourself on the back when you hurt people for no good reason. That you wanted hurting people to have a justification isn’t its own justification.

Tell me lies… tell me sweet little lies…

That’s not what happened

1 in 500 American’s has died from Covid

Dead people don’t come back to jobs

If they’re not dead they’re quarantining after exposure, or staying home with their kids who are quarantining after definitely being exposed almost daily at school. Does anyone *not* know someone who has missed work because they either tested positive or had to quarantine?

I’m not buying it. An extra $300 a week is not the issue. That’s basically the equivalent of a $7.50 an hour job for 40 hours a week. Not only that, states who have already terminated the benefit have not seen an increased number of people going to work.

You didn’t care when you were dishing out tax breaks to the rich… but now you’re worried about spending???? Please

Continued Claims for Unemployment Insurance is the lowest it’s been in over 12 months, below 4M with a work force of over 150M yea, that’s what’s causing the labor shortage.

No state that terminated expanded unemployment benefits has experienced an uptick in unemployment. This is yet another lie.

Employees will come back to work when employers pay them a living wage.

Missouri stopped them months ago. So what’s the cause now?
Right, just pointing fingers without offering solutions.

Roy Blunt (r) continues to be…Roy Blunt (r).

Funny because where in enhanced unemployment benefits have ended (now everywhere but in many states some weeks ago), persons have not been flocking back to fill jib vacancies. Your simplistic partisan logic fails again!

How many people who have benefited & not back at work have you talked with? Any surveys of these scofflaws?

The National Federation of Independent Unemployed People had no comment.

Not to be blunt Roy, but does your party ever tell the truth? About anything?

No. This has been another edition of Short Answers to Simple Questions.

That’s a lie. Missouri stopped the covid unemployment benefits early. Still I see hundreds of help wanted signs. White Castle has a sign paying $15/hour. Just retire please.

Sorry Roy, wrong again on all counts. The minimum wage isn’t enough to put yourself in contact with the idiots who refuse to vaccinate, it’s that simple

And on and on.