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We get another comment:

How can any business or entity threaten its employees with firings to take an experimental vaccine? All while the Biden Administration is letting tens of thousands of illegals into the country that are testing positive for Covid and not requiring them to be vaccinated. There will be many lawsuits to come in the future.

Ask again in a few weeks.

Ignorant sociopath.

From the CDC:

People Vaccinated – Total – % of Total Population
At Least One Dose – 193,199,353 – 58.2%
Fully Vaccinated – 165,637,566 – 49.9%

At this point the only “experiment” taking place is the Delta variant one using self-selected unvaccinated individuals as subjects.

Uh, if anyone tests positive for Corona virus, from the CDC:

People with a current infection: Defer vaccination of people with known current SARS-CoV-2 infection until the person has recovered from acute illness (if the person has symptoms) and until criteria have been met for them to discontinue isolation. This recommendation applies to any vaccine, including the first and second doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

Yeah, good luck with those lawsuits in Missouri:

Press Release
JULY 7, 2021

JEFFERSON CITY Today, Governor Mike Parson signed SB 51 into law, which protects health care providers, businesses, religious organizations, and others from being held liable in COVID-19 exposure civil actions.

“When COVID-19 first struck Missouri, health care providers, manufacturers, businesses, churches, schools, and other entities quickly altered their operations to protect public health and accommodate the needs of Missourians, and they should not be penalized for their efforts,” Governor Parson said. “SB 51 will protect those who helped protect us during some of the hardest days of the pandemic, and I thank Senator Luetkemeyer, Senator White, and Representative Wiemann for getting this legislation passed to prevent these unnecessary and frivolous lawsuits.”

SB 51 limits liability for COVID-19 exposure claims unless the defendant engaged in reckless or willful misconduct that caused an actual exposure and resulted in personal injury. These protections are extended to health care providers, manufacturers, and others who may have altered their practices to accommodate the changing needs of patients and customers during the COVID-19 crisis.[….]

Heh, that may be a reach, but it might be worth a try just for laughs.

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The party of death. (August 4, 2021)