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Governor Mike Parson (r) [2018 file photo].

Yesterday evening:

Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
Yesterday, the advanced life-support ambulance strike teams transported an additional 20 patients to hospitals outside the Springfield area to reduce hospital censuses in the region.
5:18 PM · Jul 30, 2021

Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
The 10 ambulance teams have transported a total of 107 COVID-19 patients outside the area — some roundtrips of seven to nine hours or more.
ADEM and Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
5:20 PM · Jul 30, 2021

Some of the responses:

Thank You Governor Parsons for creating these new jobs. For a cow farmer your are pretty smart. More Covid cases more jobs! They will need to be transported to other hospitals due to Springfield being overwhelmed. You must be so proud!!!


A declaration isn’t enough, but actual action is needed if you want to stop overflowing hospitals. Stop trying to do nothing to appease deniers.

Maybe you shouldn’t have let it get to the point of needing this but in doing something like that you would have actually been a governor.

You’d think.

And yet the census in said hospitals still going up.

It’s weird to talk about there being so many people in the hospitals in SW MO that you are having people transported to hospitals 4 hours away like it’s some great accomplishment.

Sounds like a great reason for you to have a state wide mask mandate and stronger stance on vaccination. How many people need to die?

How about a “please get vaccinated” to go with this senseless bragging?? [….]

Help us out, Hee Haw. Is this one of those GOOD NEWS tweets orr nah?

Can you say…….. crisis?

Who pays for these transports?

Which shouldn’t have been necessary IF YOU WOULD DO YOUR JOB.

Yeah, not seeing the positive of having to transport people due to overcrowding [….]

And what did you do to address this growing concern yesterday ??

Photo op chases photo ops

@GovParsonMO staff finds these fun field trips for him, like the corn cob fest. No hard questions. @GovParsonMO is Missouri’s #dumberdesantis

To StL? Where your AG is suing to stop a mask mandate that will save lives? Asking for people who actually care about saving lives.


Yet 3 days ago he held a huge unmasked event in Springfield (which is in crisis) now he’s bragging about how fast ambulances are hauling extremely sick people out of here. [….]

So, you going to do anything other than tweeting at the problem? Maybe suggest or (gasp!) mandate masks for indoor public spaces?

Wonder what could be done to prevent the need for this?????

That’s great. How about a mask mandate to help slow the hospitalizations and give our medical hero’s some relief?

Nah, he doesn’t give a shit. Never has. [….]

Would have been better of you could have acted faster in granting resources foe the ACS. You dragged out the decision and they had to find another solution.

And . . . .? You are doing WHAT to help stop this?

Rural hospitals are disappearing, and you brag about a fleet of ambulances that can do round trips to the big cities in 6 hours.

Yeah, about that…

I thought the virus was a hoax and we don’t need to vaccinate, wear masks?

Transporting them outside one area does not reduce burden on healthcare workers, including this “strike team” (whatever that means) Do you think if Springfield #s are low MO will quit making national news and you won’t look like the terrible leader you are?

Too bad you failed to do your job. We wouldn’t even be seeing this.

Finish the tweet….

due to your inept leadership and not actually giving a crap about your citizens.

No hospitals beds available in Springfield? That is part of the reason STL and KC felt it was necessary to safeguard the limited urban hospital beds w. a mask mandate. Can you call off your attack dog @AGEricSchmitt with his worthless lawsuits so we can protect all Missourians?

There’s that, too.

And let’s not forget about the State Fair coming up in covid central. [….]

Your vaccination strategy FAILED!! As of 7/16/21 Mo vaccination rate – 41%. Your refusal to implement a mask mandate killed people !!In Mo New Delta Covid cases have spiked over the past month. One in every 350 people in Mo has been diagnosed with COVID !! Worst Governor ever!!

Why are you having to transport patients? Are they going on your bicentennial tour with you?

Mike Parson (r) [2019 file photo].