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Pass the popcorn.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt (r), in yet another flailing attempt at some type of political relevance:

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
[Why are you so obsessed with me?]
[Tony Messenger @tonymess
Your daily reminder that @Eric_Schmitt fake-sued St. Louis County because it took #COVID19 seriously….]
8:55 PM · Jul 8, 2021


Tony Messenger @tonymess
Replying to @Eric_Schmitt
[Good Government Matters.]
9:02 PM · Jul 8, 2021

For the Internets win! In seven minutes.

But wait, there’s more:

Replying to @Eric_Schmitt
Interesting @tonymess that @AGEricSchmitt is surprised we are trying to figure out what his job is.

Support Trump?
Protect Missourians?
Work on @Eric_Schmitt political career?
All of the above?

@tonymess how much did that lawsuit cost us?

Replying to @Eric_Schmitt
Yes. Why would he be concerned with an Attorney General misusing state funds to further his political career?

Replying to @Eric_Schmitt
Why are you so obsessed with: fake lawsuits that cost tax payers money? Overturning votes from other states? Working on a promotion when you aren’t doing your current job adequately? Twitter disputes like the orange oaf?

Replying to @Eric_Schmitt
If you hankered for amicus briefs (or else BBQ sent from the Chiefs), then this AG’s your guy, although folks wonder why a high office is used for pet beefs that the majority doesn’t share; seems that democracy’s ain’t Schmitt’s care.

Replying to @Eric_Schmitt
Because you’re suppose to work for the people of this state… but you continue to waste our tax dollars with frivolous laws suits

Replying to @Eric_Schmitt
Stopped developing at 15 yo

Replying to @Eric_Schmitt
Because you are a damn public servant – we are supposed to pay attention to you. You are screwing the people of Missouri. Do your damn job and stop grandstanding for higher office.

Replying to @Eric_Schmitt
If you are paying someone to write these tweets you should sue them to get that money back. Would be way more productive than most of your other dumbass lawsuits.

Heh. We see what you did there.

Replying to @Eric_Schmitt
Obsessed? Why are you a public servant?

Replying to @Eric_Schmitt
Doesn’t get much more pathetic than Eric here

Replying to @Eric_Schmitt
Hilarious! You’re just the Attorney General of Missouri wasting tax payer money and time with frivolous, political lawsuits that you LOSE every time. But, keep up with the jokes.

Replying to @Eric_Schmitt
You kidding me man? You are a joke.

Apparently so.