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“…I’m so happy to be sharing this stage with everybody today. We’re celebrating Democracy and we’re strengthening our democracy with this primary process. Amen. [“Amen.”]…”

Tim Shepard (D) – candidate for U.S. Senate.

The Boone County Democratic Central Committee held a picnic fundraiser in Cosmo-Bethel Park yesterday afternoon in Columbia.

Tim Shepard (D), a candidate for the U.S. Senate, addressed the crowd:

…I know we all feel the impact of this epoch shift that we are headed in to in history right now. And that we feel that we are going to be left behind by the transformative forces of climate change, by new economic global competition a rising and ascendant China, and right here in these United States, we all feel the dire impact of a consolidation of power amongst fewer and fewer people’s hands into the top tenth of the top one percent…

Tim Shepard (D) – candidate for U.S. Senate.


Boone County Democrats – Picnic in the Park – Columbia, Missouri – June 6, 2021 (June 6, 2021)