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The Boone County Democratic Central Committee held a picnic fundraiser in Cosmo-Bethel Park this afternoon in Columbia. It was warm and humid, still with an occasional breeze.

Approximately 100 individuals attended. Four U.S. Senate candidates and one candidate in the 4th Congressional worked the crowd and then spoke as part of the program. State Representatives David Tyson Smith (D-45) and Martha Stevens (D-46) also addressed those in attendance.

Scott Sifton (D) – candidate for U.S. Senate.


Gabe Meyer.

“End gun violence.”

Tim Shepard (D) – candidate for U.S. Senate.

Missouri Representative David Tyson Smith (D-45).

Jewel Kelly (D) – candidate for U.S. Senate.

“Shut up about the horse race…”

Uh, yep.

“The future is female.”

It certainly is.