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Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

This past week:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Fantastic news!

It’s nice to see the CDC is finally following the science.
4:58 PM · May 13, 2021

Think about that for just a brief second.

What did the CDC do in the previous administration?

Some of the responses:

Congrats on finally acknowledging the importance of believing in science @RepHartzler. We know change, math and science is hard for you.

Vicky: You (or almost anyone in the GQP) talking about ‘following science’ is a hoot!

That’s pretty talk from someone in a cult that doesn’t believe in math.

The CDC has always followed science.

It’s just too bad the country is in the state it is because the GQP convinced some people to ignore science and the CDC.

So what you are saying is during Trump Presidency they did not. Thank God for Biden Presidency.

There you go.

What kind of back-handed nonsense is this?

You literally never followed what they said anyway

Continued snipes and undermining of the CDC is why your voters refuse to get vaccinated and prolong the pandemic.

Be responsible, Vicky.


If you and your ilk had done the right thing ONE WHOLE YEAR AGO more than half a million of us would still be alive.

I know that doesn’t reach your cold, dead heart, so how about this: the economy would have been fine AND Trump might have actually won the election.

What is wrong with you? Did you even pass science class in school?

If would have been nice if you followed the science from the beginning, idiot.

Too bad you don’t recognize science or fair elections

Finally? You are embarrassing

There’s that.