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Rep. Jason Smith @RepJasonSmith
Given how much President Biden loves to talk about unity, his budget shows he’s only interested in uniting his party and putting the interest of his political allies first.
2:44 PM · Apr 10, 2021

There is, of course, much hilarity in the responses:

With all due respect, @RepJasonSmith, you represent a district with extreme poverty and lack of funding for quality education. So far, Biden’s Relief Bill and his initial budget proposal would do more for your district than you ever have in your many years in DC.

GOP’s big lie: Cut taxes on the rich and it will trickle down.

*Between 1989 and 2020, the wealth of the top 1% grew by $23.83 T as that of the bottom 50% by only $1.73 T.

*The top 10% could pay off the national debt and still hold more wealth than the next 90%.

Members of your party appear to have a problem with taking care of the elderly. I’m assuming not all old people are wealthy Republicans? Care to comment? Offer alternatives? Anything?

How are programs that help average Americans and infrastructure that helps everyone put his political allies’ interest first?
It is sure a step up and from the Republican big lie, “Cut taxes on the rich, and it will trickle down.”

He pretty much has unity with a significant number of your constituents; you know, the people you have abandoned to wallow in conspiracy theories. He cares about their future. You don’t.

The nerve of that guy wanting to pull us out of this spiralling, out of control pandemic and recession.

The majority of Americans are in favor, so how is that not unifying Americans?
For example 70% of Americans want gun safety laws yet 100% of Republicans are against it. Unity should involve what Americans want, not party leaders or lobbyists.

Talk to a Missourians that haven’t given you a bunch of money.

Gosh if only he used polite methods like having a group of stooges storm the capital to try and murder his political opponents.

And just how does one negotiate with the party that incited insurrection, ran a disinfo campaign on their own constituents, has no legislation of their own in mind, & only serves to impede getting anything done? Maybe potus is open to suggestions on that.

I think he’s uniting VOTERS just fine thank you.

Passing a bill that only 1% benefited from was real “unifying.”

Stop lying.

Y’all need to check the approval rating champ. Gaslighting isn’t a solution. Performative politics isn’t a policy and the only GQP actions in last 4 yrs were for rich corporate donors NOT regular people. do your job, start with becoming solution oriented and real dialogue

Since the Republicans didn’t do shit for four years. President Biden will finally get it done. You can go hang out with Matt Gaetz. He needs a FRIEND right now.

Ouch. That one left a mark.

I guess you missed it polling shows that a bipartisan majority of Americans support the budget, the stimulus and infrastructure. It’s the @SenateGOP @HouseGOP that have failed to be bipartisan. You know all of you that voted against checks 2 citizens & support for sm business

Oh really? Is that why his policies have the support of a majority of the American people, from all parties? Washington R’s have been given opportunities to negotiate but seem more interested in opposing meaningful legislation & making outrageous demands. Why is that?

Which Biden proposals have the support of less than 50% of the country? Generally his proposals have had from 55% to 80% public support so ….

What is it with Missouri? Is there something in the water?

You don’t want to unite, you want to control, big difference

You’re bad at this.

What are you even talking about, ya doorknob

What’s the point in negotiating with a party whose objective is to simply strip the government for parts and tell people it doesn’t work? Come up with a real solution to a problem, try that first. Then let’s negotiate. Until then, you should donate your salary since it’s a waste.

The voters seem fairly unified. It’s the Republican party that seems out of step.

That’s why Biden has a 66+% approval rating, and most of the country supports his major policies by about 70%. Its only you reflexive jerks in the Congressional GOP who are fighting him on everything, just for the sake of fighting, because you have no principles, or policy.

Republicans that live near me are happy with their stimulus checks and looking forward to repaving roads that are now mainly dirt and bringing broadband internet to our area.
Go sell your lies somewhere else.

Yeah, his allies, the American people. Your allies? Nazi fascists who want to destroy democracy for their own power.

You sound delusional pal.

Lindsey Simmons @LynzforCongress
We don’t negotiate with terrorists, Jason.
3:55 PM · Apr 10, 2021

Or seditionists.