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Jay Ashcroft (r) [2017 file photo].


Jay Ashcroft @JayAshcroftMO
Great to be in Saline County tonight with so many friends for their Lincoln Day dinner. I was pleased to discuss election integrity and the work we are doing to ensure we NEVER have the problems Pennsylvania or Georgia had last year.
9:10 PM · Apr 1, 2021

Wait, what?

The responses:

What were the problems in Georgia? Too many Black people voting? Because there was no voter fraud.

Silly me, I thought that the SCOTUS decisions trumps that of a Missouri Attorney General’s opinion.

“Election Integrity” is the new “Jim Crow”. I look forward to explaining in detail the fall of the GOP to my grandchildren when they learn about this in history class someday.

Is “problems” a euphemism for minorities voting?

Problems? This seems incriminating

What problems? Good grief, a smart guy like you can’t find any REAL problems to work on? For shame. Senate Bill 1 will take care of stopping the flow of dark $$ & ensuring election security & voter rights. Unless you’re working to KEEP as much dark $$ as possible in the picture?

Love to hear more specifics on those “problems,” big dog.

Which problems, specifically?

You mean Democrats winning?

What problems? There were no problems.

“Election integrity ” = too many black people voted.

There were no problems in GA and PA and you know it. Isn’t bearing false witness during Holy Week kind of a big deal?

This is a lie. There were no problems in Pennsylvania or Georgia. They like liars in Missouri?

You mean the GQP getting beat? That problem?

What problems?

You’re a disingenuous ass.

The only “problems” Pennsylvania and Georgia had were a bunch of fascist-worshipping asshats that couldn’t accept the fact they lost.

Republicans should be embarrassed. Cowards.

There you go. A night to remember.


That’s okay, there’s a duplicate tracking microchip in your smart phone (April 1, 2021)