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Do not read the comments.
Do not read the comments.
Do not read the comments.
Do not read the comments.
Read the comments. Then you will truly understand why this is not an American century.

Governor Mike Parson (r) [2018 file photo].

Today on Facebook:

Governor Mike Parson
This Christmas, let’s work to keep our families, our neighbors, and ALL Missourians safe during the pandemic. This means social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing your hands, not just one of these, but all three.
Be responsible. Avoid large gatherings and crowds. Limit interactions to less than 15 minutes. We know our actions DO make an impact. This is a critical time for our state, so let’s do our best to protect one another.

Some of the responses:

We’re not all Christians, Mike, keep your preaching to your personal page.

free speech. Not everyone is an atheist or or religion

and he is representing a government office which, by the constitution, means that he may not show favor to any one religion.

well I am and I want to hear it and give thanks. If you don’t like it simply log off

hah you have no authority either.

nah but the constitution does ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

well the constitution was written by Christians. Duh

good for you, go to church

well the constitution prohibits the government from favoring any one religion. Duh

ok take god off the almighty dollar

yes please. It was added in the 50s, like with the pledge.

bah humbug

I celebrate Christmas. That doesn’t mean I give my representatives a pass for violating the constitution.

sin e you don’t believe,,,it doesn’t exist, shouldn’t bother you in the least ,,,so move on,,,,,

I believe the constitution exists,,,so I won’t move on,,,

as I’ve pointed out multiple times, it prohibits favoring any one religion. See the Establishment Clause.

if you’ll notice in my original comment I suggested the governor post his personal beliefs on his personal page. This page represents his office.

it’s part of who he. Like I mentioned before if you don’t like it just log off

and like I’ve mentioned, that’s not how government representation works. If my representative is not following the constitution, I’m well within my right to express that and demand he do better.

all religion besides Christianity will get you thrown into hell fire.

That’s good to know.

I don’t care. That’s for church, not government offices.

I disagree

yeah, with the constitution.

Another thread:

5,000 dead Missourians. Failed leadership.

was he supposed to wipe your nose for you? Take care of yourself or move to one of the nanny states.

don’t worry.
Pelosi made sure you got 600 bucks. And illegal aliens get 1800.


And 500 monthly in accidents car. 4000 a month in abortion. And all the killing 500 get real

those numbers simply are not true… MO averages about 700 or so auto fatalities EACH YEAR, not 500 a month… And who knows where you pulled that abortions number from… you’re clueless and a bit incoherent.

Take it up with China

Do you complain about flu deaths every year?

Now that you ask, yes.

yes because one man can control the actions of millions of people as well as a microscopic virus that was man made by Fauci in China.

could have done those 3 things 7 months ago. Could have worn masks and avoided public gatherings and social events with no masks. That’s a start. Failed leadership. Answer that

ot is called individual responsibility for your own actions. Freedom means there are consequences to choices and each must pay the toll for their own choices. If you want government control move to Germany, they are inspecting houses to be sure people never leave and fining them 500 Euros if people are not home when inspected.

Yes, but people are paying the toll for other people’s choices.

noone is paying a toll for anyone’s choice but their own. Avoid hotspoylts and danger zones and you will be fine if you keep yourself clean, get rest, exercise and stay away from people you ou do not know.
Everyone but me in my family is high risk and noone has gotten it yet because we have all been careful.

Not everyone has the luxury of staying away from people they don’t know. There are elderly and compromised people that are still in the work force. I know of an Amish woman who got it and she never leaves the community (she survived, at least).

Another thread:

You are in a secular office of the people. Not all of them are Christian. Do not use your public office to make wishes of just one religion. You have not noted Hannukah, Diwali, Kawanza, or Yule or any other winter Holidays. If you are only going to mention the holiday of your religion put it on your personal page.

Has reading comprehension issues:

obviously you know nothing about our constitution or what it was patterned on or what guidelines it followed. Try reading Leviticus in your Bible if you have one. It was based on Godly, biblical principles. And Christmas is the time we celebrate the birth of Christ. Other holidays have their own dates, so let them celebrate then.

Christmas isn’t a Christian holiday, it’s a pagan holiday.

hah. You have no authority.


as a constituent I can ask that my leaders respect the people, and follow both the State and federal constitution. Based on your view, you have no power either, so what it the point of that statement?
…Yule is the Pagan Holiday. Christmas, specifically in the context of the Governor’s post is a Christian Holiday. It celebrates the birth of Christ. Hence the name Christ-Mass. As both a member of the Pagan Clergy, and having a degree in Religious Studies, I am a bit of an expert on this.

Whatever faith you are you must not observe kindness and not judging others!!!

High ideals. No follow through.

ah shut up. Read, view and pass if you can’t say something nice go protest somewhere else!

No, our constitution was not based on Biblical principles. You need to drop your Bible and read a factual history book. Here’s a real shocker for you, the people of Israel aren’t Christian and neither was Jesus.

once again you take something out of context. Did I say that America was a Christian nation. NO…I did not. I said it our constitution was based on Biblical principles, which in fact was given to Israel, God’s chosen people and nation. Read your Bible.

clearly you missed the post where he wished Happy Hannukah

the point is that Parson is only acknowledging one religion/religious holiday, and marginalizing other religions..

I didn’t take anything out of context. Maybe you need to return to school and quit reading the Bible.
The constitution protects your right to read the Bible, but is not based on Bible teachings.

yes! We are all free to worship who and how we please and our leaders should not be representing their personal beliefs. He should keep it to his personal page, not as the Governor

Democracy = majority rules over the minority. Majority voted him into office. He can express his religion as he likes whether in office, or after hours. If you wish to control others that much, go to a communist country.


I do have authority. Given to me by Christ Jesus. I may be an expert too. Since I have an associate degree in theology and working on my bachelors degree. Your either for Jesus or your against Him.

one nation under God. Kick rocks…

Stay in school, kids.

Another thread:

Now the governor tries his hand at preaching to deflect from his gross lack of pandemic leadership, all the while chomping at the bit to get the vaccines going to somehow compensate for coronavirus deaths on his watch.

no worries you’re going to get your free $600. Born to live: live to die. Get a life lady.

get a life. He sure as hell didn’t cause the virus and what about you take care of yourself? I took care of myself. Didn’t wait around for anyone to tell me how to take care of myself.

“He sure as hell didn’t cause the virus”. Whoa that’s got to be yet another Parson level diversion quote. “Take care of myself”? Unfortunately not everyone in Missouri has that absolute luxury. Plenty have to get out in the public to earn a living and when the other do not use Covid precautions they expose the virus and infect others. Selfish Parson doesn’t want to require the mask to protect others obviously because it would hurt him politically. Instead, he diverts by preaching masking at us.

if you then think a mask protects you, then wear one. It does not need to be government mandated.

Uh, it protects others. Sociopath.

be happy for once!

It’s hard to “be happy” when infected Missourians are cramming our hospital beds and when Covid eats their lives away.

Mike Parson has done an excellent job. Probably why he was re-elected by the majority.

you make stupid look natural

if a mask can’t protect YOU, then how is it supposed to protect others? And there are millions of mask wearers, yet the numbers aren’t going down. Why? Because it’s a virus…only a good immune system can fight a virus. An continually worn masks deplete your own immune system. And fyi, I wear one where required, but am not stupid enough to wear in in my own car alone with windows rolled up, or outside in my yard with no one around. This is not about a virus. It’s about government control. Wake up!

This in definitely not the American Century.