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Was anyone injured in the rush?

“The most dangerous place to stand in Washington D.C. is any place between Senator Josh Hawley and a live microphone” – Charles P. Pierce


Aaron Rupar @atrupar
That Josh Hawley directed all of his questions during the Senate election hearing to cable news bloviator Ken Starr instead of Chris Krebs — a person who actually has first-hand knowledge of election security — says a lot about his level of fraudulence
11:44 AM · Dec 16, 2020

Responses [in the thread] to Josh Hawley’s (r) statement that “these are not crazy people” in relating his constituents’ beliefs:

Maybe if our elected officials would stop telling people that the election was rigged the people would stop repeating their lies.

Hawley’s constituents are “normal, reasonable people” who can be forgiven for not expecting that their Senator and his GOP colleagues would shamelessly push lies on them to make them think they were disenfranchised.

Is Stanford and Yale law grad still railing against the elites?
Hard to figure out who is a bigger phony in the 2024 race for the MAGA party nomination—Hawley or Cruz.

@HawleyMO – if 30 people believed the moon was made of cheese, would that mean that the moon was, in fact, cheddar?

Logical fallacies are fun!

Argumatum ad populum, “appeal to the masses” is a personal favorite. Trump uses it constantly. “People are saying, “many people agree”

He’s like a conspiracy robot that starts slow when you press play, then you have gradually turn up the speed knob until it hits its full lunacy stride


Trump won Missouri so I don’t get what the problem is. You know he wasn’t talking to Democrats who may have actually been disenfranchised.

but there were 30 people.

And I’m sure they were 30 very fine people. People in my part of Missouri voted overwhelmingly for Republicans and there are a lot of lunatics among them.

Former Prep School kid turned Stanford & Yale educated lawyer disguising himself as salt of the earth common man.

Did anyone ask Hawley WHY they’re convinced? WHAT HAPPENED in their individual vote experience that leads to this belief? Sounds like the Aliens Abducted Me crowd so far.

Well, yes, Missouri republicans.

They only believe that because trump conned them into an alternate reality. That’s the cold hard truth. Also, it doesn’t matter AT ALL if they genuinely feel like that, I hope they get over it soon.

30 Republican voters think the election was rigged because the top elected official in the US has been telling them the election was rigged for 6 months.

Who knew ?

I laughed when he said these aren’t crazy people.

I’d have asked him to define crazy between the 30 people he mentioned and other trumpers.

I do believe Josh Hawley when he says there are only 30 non crazy people who believe in this conspiracy theory.

We see what you did there.

30 normal people convinced they were abducted by aliens.

Relax, it’s Missouri.

Yeah, if they told you that, they are crazy. Like, as in batshit-style.

Forget their “feelings” and “beliefs”……What are the facts?!

Ok, give Trump 30 more votes and can we please move on now?

He did speak with 30 people though.

He says.

I am from MO.. I guarantee he did not talk to “normal people”

Josh Hawley doesn’t talk to ordinary citizens from Missouri. He doesn’t even answer his phone when constituents call.

Narrator: They were, in fact, crazy people.

Batshit crazy.

Lots of people feel like the Earth is flat, Josh.

“normal people” okay, bruh.

No Josh, they are crazy. And you know it.

All 30 huh.

These people are, indeed, crazy.

But they are crazy people.

Doesn’t he mean back home in Virginia… where he lives?

We see what you did there.

30 whole people?

Hawley is not to bright, eh?

“…Now I know he went to Yale, I think, or Harvard, one of those, one of those fancy ones…”

He’s been practicing that finger wag in the mirror for days

Wow.. he talked to a whole 30 Missourians?! With a population just over 6 million that is basically the entire state.

Memo to Josh Hawley – They believe that shit because YOU tell them that

Shhhhh. He thinks it’s a secret.

The key word choice here is that the people he describes “felt” like they were disenfranchised. Critically, Hawley doesn’t cite any evidence presented to him re voter fraud nor did he apparently ask for any. All that matters to GOP voters is that they “feel” they should have won.

Josh Hawley is stunningly full of shit!

The fact that the only people in Missouri who want to talk to Josh Hawley are the deluded dolts who think any outcome except re-election of Cheeto Jesus is a crime does not mean they’re actually sane, it just means sane people avoid Hawley.

He doesn’t answer our calls, he doesn’t visit with us…

they are not normal, reasonable people. They are willfully ignorant assholes. they “disbelieve” the election results specifically because it scratches a dark impulse to hurt other people

Did Josh learn in debate class at Harvard that repeatedly insisting his argument is totally normal and not at all crazy before making it strengthens an argument?

One of those fancy ones.

They’re not normal, reasonable people, Josh. Crazy conspiracy theorists were assembled to feed you bullshit.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].