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People sing in large groups in strip clubs? I did not know that.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

The junior moral scold who’s supposed to represent Missouri in the United States Senate has so very many concerns in other places.


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
So California strip clubs are protected by the First Amendment but not churches
5:10 PM · Nov 23, 2020

You think he’s checked this out for Virginia, too? Just asking.

As always, there is much hilarity in the comments:

Is that where you’re living now? Let your sister know so she can forward your mail.

Here’s and idea – universal basic income so that workers – including dancers and bar tenders – don’t have to risk their lives to put food on the table and pay rent. Then you can get on your moral high horse.

So, it now seems as if the Senator of Missouri, has moved his concerns from Hong Kong to California. I can understand that it might be an imposition, but do you think you might be able to afford a few minutes for your actual constituents? A Town Hall, maybe?

I believe Senator Hawley lives in Virginia and keeps an address with family in Missouri (where he doesn’t live) so he can be a senator from Missouri… unless I’ll be seeing you at the Ozark Walmart once the house is finished, @HawleyMO?

Maybe in the premium wine section.

@HawleyMO is sure concerned with anything and everything that has absolutely nothing to do with Missouri!

That’s because the best strip clubs are across the river in Illinois. Parking lot all Missouri plates.

My Presbyterian church continues to be closed. Not because we were told to, but because we love each other. And, though I miss my church family, would rather miss them or a little bit longer, than bury them and miss them. #ShutUpHawley

Well the patrons of strip joints are probably considered more expendable than decent church folks so there’s that

Uh, there might be some crossover there. You know, “research”.

Maoists don’t like organized religion…under their ideology we must worship the state only.

Maoists prefer strip clubs? I did not know that.

Once again, you’re focusing on the wrong things.

Focus supposedly contributes to the whole experience.

Know a little bit about those strip clubs huh, alter boy?? Lol

Don’t complain if you’re not going to do anything.

“Research” first, before action.

Churches can meet virtually. Strip clubs can’t really operate that way. Lap dances just wouldn’t be the same through a monitor.

I did not know that last part.

Am I the only finding this tweets amusing!?

Evidently not.

So I guess your holiday from the Senate & confirming judges was more important than providing relief for people in MO during the pandemic. Good to know.

Didn’t Missouri ban nudity and touching between dancer and patrons in strip clubs several years ago? Seems like GOP is just fine with regulating speech and actions between consenting adults.

I did not know that. This thread has been educational.

Its really ridiculous, eh. The lap dancer can touch and hump you but lift your finger just a little and you get thrown out of the bar.


At least strip clubs pay taxes.

Now tell us how you feel about Citizens United.

As usual, you’ve neglected nuance and substituted it for hyperbolic sensationalism.

One of my people…

When are you going to finally circle around to the problems in Missouri?

Makes sense. Strippers and patrons will most likely wear masks at safe distances whereas in churches the science of being annoited in the blood Christ, touching and singing points to dismal protection. This is not a Christian nation there will be no theocracy. #TaxChurches

Even though you don’t live here, you could at least mention Missouri once in a while.

Aren’t you a senator in Missouri?

It can be hard to tell.

Time to dust off the those church wide pole dancing classes.

overpriced if you cant touch.

Which one?

Hi @HawleyMO What are your top 3 goals for Missouri in 2021?

Live in Virginia, visit Iowa, visit New Hampshire. Just a guess.

More people go to church.

There could be some crossover.

How does this concern you, Josh “from” MO??

We see what you did there.

Missouri is out of ICU beds.

Worry about your State!

Gavin Stalin and his NKVD Stasi enforcers work in Bolshevik ways.

I did not know that.

Strip climbs pay taxes., churches don’t.

How about you worry about your state?

Strip clubs are more fun and a lot less judgemental

I agree josh, we should take away not-for-profit protections for the churches, so they can no longer bend religious money into political money.
or are you now recognizing that strip clubs are worthy houses of worship filled with goddesses?
seems like you’re laying judgment here..

Pay attention to your “home” state….if you even care about us.

Democratic politicians want to achieve the goal of brainwashing and left autocratic by eliminating people’s belief in God.

Uh. Okay, next.

Communist rule is starting….
It will only get worse with Biden/Harris in control…


Why do you care what CA is doing? Care about your state.

Why are you worried about California’s business? Forget you’re supposed to be worried about Missouri?

Ugh. Your faux sanctimonious outrage is worse than a hundred sleazy stripclub goers

Let’s not be quick to judge, there might be some crossover.

Please run in 2024!

He beat you to it.

This is the goal of the Antichrist, COVID-19 is just a global 9/11 that’s being used to take everyone’s freedom and establish a RFID Vax which the masses will voluntarily line up for.

Sarcasm? It’s kind of hard to tell.

Because California Democrats don’t go to Churches on Sunday, instead they go to strip clubs.

That’s a lot of people. Well, their state revenue must be through the roof.

How long until we start hearing your bullshit, “War on Christmas,” tweets?

Dear Missouri (not by residency) Senator,

Please try to at least pretend to represent us.

An actual Missourian

Hey, asshole, you know you are a senator for Missouri, right? Where we are running out of room in hospitals? Where our medical staff is about to break? Where we don’t even have a statewide mask mandate? But you keep worrying about CA, Facebook and the NBA.

NBA! China! California strip clubs!

You seem to tweet about everything that isn’t Missouri.

Because everything is going so well here.

Only if the Leftist scoundrels knew anything about the Constitution, they’d know it’s the only thing that stands in the way of their scheme.

Is the text available online? Just asking.

You’re one of the worst senators in the country. You somehow even manage to make Roy Blunt look less horrible. Stop tweeting bullshit and maybe do your job for once.

Who gives a rat’s ass. You’re supposed to represent Missouri, remember? We don’t give a shit about your insufferable virtue signaling.

They are both full of sinners

Also, human beings. See, crossover!

They will never open churches again. Under the Biden/Harris clan, they hate church and church goers and Christians (who are pro life). Remember, they like abortions even after birth


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