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Caleb Rowden (r) [2016 file photo].

This morning, from the Missouri Senate Majority Leader:

Caleb Rowden @calebrowden
Due to a number of positive COVID-19 cases among members and staff, the Missouri Senate will postpone action related to the special session until after the Thanksgiving holiday. 1/2 #MOLeg
10:36 AM · Nov 16, 2020

Caleb Rowden @calebrowden
This decision was not made lightly and, although disruptive, is in the best interest of protecting members, staff, and the public. 2/2 #MOLeg
10:36 AM · Nov 16, 2020

What? Something, something, [mumble] maybe you all should have worn masks and kept some physical distance?

Some of the responses:

You really can’t make up the level of ignorance coming from some of these rural red state legislators. “#COVID19 is just a far left hoax but because we all have it we can’t work.”

Surely you can just follow @GovParsonMO guidance for schools? I mean, if everyone was wearing a mask, no need to quarantine even if you were exposed to a positive case, right? Who cares what the CDC says.

@calebrowden check with your Governor as to how to proceed. I believe he thinks this action would be unnecessary if y’all wore masks (now).

Maybe you and your idiot Republican friends will start taking this seriously!

The irony goes even deeper. The subject of the special session?:

NOVEMBER 12, 2020
JEFFERSON CITY — Today, Governor Mike Parson expanded his call to special session to include a new bill regarding COVID-19 liability.

The proposed legislation provides liability protection relating to a declared state of emergency for health care providers, manufacturers, businesses, schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations, among others.

“Since the start of COVID-19, our health care providers have gone above and beyond to respond to COVID-19 and provide exceptional care in an unprecedented and rapidly changing environment,” Governor Parson said. “Many other organizations across the state have also been instrumental in our response efforts, including manufacturers, businesses, churches, and schools, just to name a few.” [….]

Yeah, this one’s pinning the irony meter all the way over.

Governor Mike Parson (r) [2018 file photo].


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