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Or anyone else?

Governor Mike Parson (r) [2018 file photo].



Press Release
NOVEMBER 12, 2020
JEFFERSON CITY — Today, Governor Mike Parson expanded his call to special session to include a new bill regarding COVID-19 liability.

The proposed legislation provides liability protection relating to a declared state of emergency for health care providers, manufacturers, businesses, schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations, among others.


Sure, schools could force teachers to work in unsafe conditions – no liability. Oh, too late, you all reelected these same people. Sad.

Some of the responses on Twitter:

You want to protect businesses from getting sued but not protect humans from dying. Odd

Summary of Gov.Parson’s presser:

He will do whatever it takes to protect corporations during a pandemic. School kids, teachers, staff & their families? You’re on your own. Fingers crossed you don’t get sick before a vaccine is available.

Who voted for this???

1,713,152 Missouri Voters.


That’s where your priorities lie?

STOP THE SPREAD FIRST, worry about the lawsuits after we get that taken care of!!!

Protect entities from lawsuits but not people from getting sick? Get the heck out of here with this nonsense. Most cities and counties do NOT have mask mandates and it shows. If you can see how well it works in schools, why not a statewide mandate??

Does this cover the Governor’s failures?

Nope, he figures he’s good for four more years.

How about a mask mandate, you turd.

Congratulations Missouri. This is the person you elected.

Shorter Hee Haw: Only Business Lives Matter.

Thank you Governor for choosing to let people die daily while rolling back restrictions

How about you do things to limit COVID spread, not reward those who refuse to take up your call for “personal responsibility?”

This is so fucking ridiculous

Okay, hold up. You care about protecting finances over actual lives? Am I reading this right? This is how you spend your time?

Killing children and teachers isn’t going to improve anything for you.

Or them either.

Do you realize what you’re doing? People are DYING and all you care about is limiting liabilities. Our hospitals in KC are FULL but you couldn’t care less. You’re the worst, most unqualified person we could have in the governors office.

It will get worse. You know, science and math.