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Yesterday, from Johnson County, Missouri Community Health Services:

Johnson County, Missouri

Cumulative Positive Cases: 1601

Deaths: 15

Whatever you do, don’t read the social media comments.

Johnson County. Missouri has a population of approximately 53,000 people.

In New Zealand (the country) for comparison:

As at 9.00 am, 20 October 2020
Total – Change in last 24 hours
Number of confirmed cases in New Zealand 1,531 – 1
Number of probable cases 356 – 0
Number of confirmed and probable cases 1,887 – 1
Number of recovered cases 1,829 – 5
Number of deaths 25 – 0
Number of active cases 33 – -4
Number of cases currently in hospital 0 – 0

The population of New Zealand is approximately 5 million people.

Multiply the case numbers of New Zealand by a factor of 95 and you get the approximate totals for the State of Missouri. Though New Zealand definitely has more sheep of the genus Ovis.

Wear a damn mask. And while you’re at it, wear some damn gloves.

Stay Home. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Good luck to us all.