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In late August:

USPS removes 4 mail-processing machines in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An official at the United States Postal Service confirmed Friday that four mail-processing machines have been removed at its Kansas City, Missouri, facility.

The removal of machines comes as part of changes made by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, according to a report from CNN.

The USPS official said that in addition to the four machines removed in Kansas City, the USPS had removed two machines in Springfield and one in Wichita “for efficiency and lower mail volume.”


“We are seeing the destruction of the postal service,” U.S. Rep Emanuel Cleaver II, a Missouri Democrat who represents KCMO, said. “I don’t think there are any questions about it.”


The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported Friday that Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft was notified in late July that the USPS may not be able to return all mail-in ballots to election authorities by the Nov. 3 election.

That delay could invalidate some ballots for the general election, when the country will elect a president and Missouri will elect a governor, among other races.


That was then, this is now.

A campaign piece, from Uniting Missouri, the PAC propping up Governor Mike Parson (r), arrived in our mail yesterday:

“Officials say you should return your mail or absentee ballot now to ensure it is received and counted in time.”

No shit, Sherlock. Who’s responsible for this state of affairs?

Wait a minute. In Donald Trump’s (r) world aren’t mail-in ballots rife with fraud?

This right wingnut mail piece is just oozing cognitive dissonance and gaslighting. Not that their target audience would notice.

Oooh, scary stuff.

Fascists gotta Fascist.


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