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It has to be that.

In our mail this week from Uniting Missouri, an extremely well-funded right wingnut PAC propping up Missouri Governor Mike Parson (r):

“Law and order” – Uh, who’s been in charge in Missouri? You know, like the current governor, almost all of the statewide office holders, and the General Assembly? It’s going that well?

“Election and postal experts recommend returning your absentee or mail ballot NOW to ensure timely arrival” – They must really believe weir awl stoopit. Has this ever been an issue before? Again, who’s been in charge? Who ordered the dismantling of sorting machines across the country? Who was that?

“Getting back to normal”“Yes…we are OPEN, welcome” – We notice the proprietor of the establishment (probably a stock photo) isn’t wearing a mask. How convenient. No, thank you.

From the Missouri DHSS COVID-19 Dashboard, October 16, 2020:

Back to the address side of the mail piece:

“St. Louis Post Dispatch ‘Absentee Voters Surge'” – Not particularly subtle, is it?

“Join your neighbors” – Even less subtle.

Governor Mike Parson (r) [2019 file photo].


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