I had a Biden Harris yard sign in my front yard. Over night on Friday someone stole the sign and wire, leaving the other signs.

That was then:

I always mark my signs in permanent ink, on the lower border and inside the sign “Stolen from [address]”. I figure if someone gets caught with it, there’s the evidence. I e-mailed the Warrensburg Police Department with a complaint.

Stealing or vandalizing a yard sign is a Class 4 Election Offense in the State of Missouri, punishable by up to a year in jail and/or up to a $2,500 fine. RSMo §115.637

We’ve been active in local, state, and national politics for over twenty-five years. Over that time we’ve accumulated the leftovers and detritus of years of campaigns in our garage. One of my proudest possessions is a vandalized Obama Biden 2008 4 x 8 sign, another is the leftovers from a 4 x 8 Kerry 2004 sign that was cut from the posts with a straight razor. We have zip ties, steel fence posts, old yard signs, steel yard sign wires, etc.

I knew a state party team was coming through town with a sign delivery on Saturday afternoon. I asked if there’d be 4 x 4 signs. I was told I could get one. And I did.

I prepared the 4 x 4 this morning with plenty of reinforcement.

This is now:

The only way this one is coming down is if some moron chains it to the bumper of the too expensive truck they’re upside down on their loan on and tries to rip it out.

Karma would be them leaving their bumper behind with the license plate still attached. All caught on camera.


Yard Signs: resupply (October 17, 2020)