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The panic is setting in.

Liz Mair @LizMair
I’m really done with hearing from the left about court packing. First of all, no, it’s not OK, and I don’t care whether the Constitution bars it or not. We don’t need more erosion or dissolution of norms. Second of all, keeping Merrick Garland off the court isn’t court packing.
9:10 AM · Oct 11, 2020

You built this. Roy Blunt. Rand Paul. Rick Perry. Scott Walker. I could rest my case at this point.

To someone else earlier in conversation:

Liz Mair @LizMair
First of all, no one did more than me to stop Trump in 2016, the king if norm-erosion. So please don’t tag me with what the GOP as a whole is doing— that’s pretty disingenuous. Second, as I said, two wrongs don’t make a right. We don’t need to hasten the race to the bottom.
9:25 AM · Oct 11, 2020

Working the phone banks, knocking the doors, dropping the literature just like the rest of us proles, eh?

Four years ago:

Liz Mair @LizMair
Morning, all. I’m headed to vote for @GovGaryJohnson. If you hate Hillary and Trump, you should, too. Send the major parties a message!
5:45 AM · Nov 8, 2016

Now, I rest my case.

Hillary Clinton [2016 file photo].