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Evidently anything wrapped in tinfoil.

This evening:

@JasonSmithMO @JasonSmithMO
US House candidate, MO-8
Nancy wants a bipartisan committee charged with reviewing a sitting president’s fitness for office. At first glance, you think this is another attempt to oust President Trump. But it’s far more sinister. They’re preparing the groundwork to oust Biden and instate Kamala.
6:35 PM · Oct 11, 2020

Some of the responses:

Jason Kander @JasonKander
You’re better than this, Jason.
7:02 PM · Oct 11, 2020

Evidently not.

There is nothing in his career that would lead me to belive he is. He’s always rushed to the bottom of the barrel

“Siri, how will our elected officials embarrass Missouri today?”

That will teach you not to be the last one in line when they are handing out talking points

Did you think this up yourself? Who ties your shoes for you in the morning or do you have Velcro straps?

Sometimes you can just leave tweets in your drafts

It’s embarrassing that when I tell people I’m from Missouri, you’re the type of person they think of.

Are you guys just trying to out-crazy each other at this point?

That’s some top shelf idiocy

Man, you guys don’t even bother with the dog whistle anymore.

That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. This is 2020, that’s saying a lot.

That tinfoil hat looks good on you.

Oh honey. Whatever you’re smoking, put it down.

Wow… do you need to visit a chiropractor after hurting yourself with that reach?

Damn dude

Did you get into Don Jr’s coke stash?

There needs to be more qualifications when running for office. you are not rational

Oh ffs

Oh geez. That’s nuts.

What are you smoking?

Um, no.

Magical Story time.

Your tinfoil hat is on wayyyy too tight spanky.

Well, there it is, the dumbest thing I’ve seen on social media today. Congratulations.

That’s some dumb shit right there. You have a panic room with a screen door, don’t you?

So does Jason know this is nonsense and is just playing to the rubes or is he really this disconnected from reality?

We may never know.

Man, between conspiracy theories and claiming Harry and Meghan were interfering in the election, you’ve had a wacky weekend. Bless you terrified little heart.

What are you smoking maaaan? Jeez

Please, let me know what color the sky is in your world, because you’re not in this one.

People actually elected you?

That may be the dumbest thing you’ve ever said. Impressive.


Kathy Ellis (D) is a much better choice in the 8th Congressional District.