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Governor Mike Parson (r) and Missouri First Lady Teresa Parson [2018 file photo].

Two days after announcing she had contracted COVID-19:

First Lady Teresa Parson

Come enjoy the outdoor activities and the beautiful fall decorations!

#ParsonFamilyFallFest #FallFest2020
11:15 AM · Sep 25, 2020

Some of the responses:


Free Covid-19 respiratory droplets for all visitors. No limit!!!!

#WTFiswrongwithyou You both have COVID right now. What part of “QUARRENTINE” Do you not understand?

Sounds like a really great plan to hold an event after testing positive for COVID. Seriously? People are dying. I think your “fun outdoor events” and pumpkins can wait.

Hey, maybe consider NOT doing this during a pandemic? Didn’t you and your husband just test positive?

I mean, as far as I know you can’t get DOUBLE covid, so they have nothing to lose but the lives of their most vulnerable constituents

This is not a good idea. I would think twice about inviting children and families. Missouri remains a problem state for coronavirus. We’re all better off with a mask mandate, right? Get well soon!

42 people died from Covid in the last 24 hours just in Missouri.

Apparently that means nothing to these people.


This is selfish.

In addition to getting #covid19, other #fallfest2020 events include unprotected sex with strangers, sharing needles and Russian roulette. Should be a knee-slappin good time.

this is irresponsible.

This is wildly irresponsible, disrespectful and dangerous


I’m a RN. Please do not go through with this event. Please listen to the scientific community. We are worn out.

Terrible call! Such disregard for the health of the people of Missouri.

This seems…not smart.

Come share Covid with everyone.

Come for the cookies, stay for the ‘rona

Didn’t your husband back out of a debate tonight because of covid?

didn’t y’all JUST test positive for COVID-19? Maybe sit this one out.

Do you have to bring your own thoughts & prayers or will the event be providing them along with the free coronavirus diagnosis?

Will you and your husband be manning the kissing booth this year?

I’ll be avoiding it like the plague, thank you very much.

Dammit. I’ve already got plans to go lick carts at Walmart that day….

Do those who show up have to sign a waiver?

Free covid for all!

Totally Irresponsible.

What could go wrong?

No thank you. I’d rather be healthy.

Proceeding with an event like while both YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND have tested positive for COVID-19 is asinine! Its no wonder our states cases are out of control when you haven’t cared one bit about the safety of the people who live here. #voteparsonout #COVIDIDIOTS

Are you trying to get everybody sick?

“Masks optional, social distancing whatever.”

What’s wrong with you?

Irresponsible. Deadly. Disrespectful. You are the worst.

Got to keep pretending everything is okay and normal!

Uhhhhh that’d be a hard no. You should have worn a mask like the CDC told you to. You’ll be shedding virus like a maple tree doffs it’s leaves in October.

Are you effing kidding? The governor NEVER gets to say he cares about Missourians ever again.

This is outrageous and irresponsible. I’d hoped your experience would impress upon you both the desperate need for a statewide mask mandate, which that “radical” state of Arkansas has. Are you determined to press your foolishness on the rest of us?

Your festival will spread #COVID19 ; if you had a conscience or sense of moral responsibility that would upset you.

Yes, why keep the covid all to yourself.

Gurl, if you’re supporters really want to own the libs, no masks! Kiss each other! Lick door knobs!! It’s all a hoax, right? Have fun!

Wow, so tone deaf. Meanwhile our nursing homes continue to battle COVID every day because of the irresponsible policies and behaviors of you and your husband. We lost another soul at ours yesterday. But by all means, have a party.

Uhhh ….No Thanks. Keep your Covid to yourself.

At almost 60 year old, I make my first tweet to say “Are you fucking nuts?” You are COVID + and that shit kills. Did you know that?

No thanks…I don’t go to super spreader events held by those who don’t give a damn about spreading COVID.

I think there is something wrong with you.

I would try to explain how idiotic it is to host an event like this when you are currently actively recovering from Covid, but that would require you to have the mental/emotional capacity to understand why it is bad to spread Covid to others. You are a disgrace to this state.

Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

What is wrong with you? #ShowMeCovidiots

And on and on.

“…Masks will be available for all attendees and social distancing encouraged…”


Uh… (September 23, 2020)

About that mask thing… (September 23, 2020)

Missouri DHSS – COVID-19 Outbreak Statistics – September 25, 2020 – 2:00 p.m. (September 25, 2020)