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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Last night:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
“Classless trash”? The left showing their usual contempt for middle America. Missouri has the best fans in the country. Don’t blame them for being tired of NFL/corporate woke politics jammed down their throats
9:15 PM · Sep 10, 2020

Some of the comments:

There is no form of protest against racism that is acceptable to racists.

“Some days I’m from the party of Lincoln, but some days I support the confederacy and defend its statues. It depends on whether I’m being called a racist or defending racists. I don’t promote peace—just outrage.”

—Rockhurst, Stanford, and Yale Grad Josh Hawley (probably).

I would’ve thought that a US Senator represented everyone in their home state, not just the ones that are also members of the Klan

Read the comments…you’re on the wrong side of history

You dont have a monopoly on “middle America,” dumb ass. Black people requesting equality and unity IS part of middle America.

That ain’t middle America, dude. That’s the bottom of the barrel. More than 50% of Americans support Black Lives Matter. 76% say racial discrimination is a big problem in the U.S. “Woke politics” is where the majority of this country is at. “Best fans” would support the players.

To be clear, you’re acknowledging that it was right wingers who booed a call for racial unity? You never get to ask why people think the right is racist again.

Clearly there’s nothing more offensive to Josh Hawley than a moment of silence for racial justice.

you’re a terrible person, pandering to the worst elements and impulses in your state. You are actively making Missouri worse.

Hey Josh, you know it isn’t just reactionary white people who live in “middle America,” right?

Hawley’s too busy fantasizing about taking away pre-existing condition protections from millions of Americans to care about that. He’s trying to distract people from his terrible policies and ideas with fake outrage.

I thought the Republicans gave up on the NFL three boycotts ago.


No surprise that the same assholes that are trying to spread a deadly virus, are also the ones trying to spread the cancer that is racial hatred.

keep being on the wrong side of history. it’s totally on brand.

So you get to use your platform but the players don’t get to use theirs? Got it.

I thought equality and justice for all Americans was embedded in the Constitution? How have they become radical left woke politics?!?

The radical woke left tried to change the definition of racism. That’s how.

Oh my. Somebody actually thought it was a persuasive argument and a good idea to put this in writing.

When “civility” demands you apologize for objecting to your own subjugation – It ain’t civil and it ain’t right.

Know what ppl are tired of? People are tired of folks who talk about Christian values but whose actions are hateful. If ppl can’t appreciate a show of unity & brotherhood, that says more about them than it does the players on the field. Maybe it’s time for some self-reflection.

Real middle Americans like Josh Hawley go to Stanford, then Yale for law school, and still come out less intelligent than the average high school grad

There’s a time and place for everything.

Uh, oh.

Let us know the time & place. Make sure you ask your sainted Donald T. because he’s the man who wrote the book on etiquette & decorum. What’s the best way to get a check to porn star you barebacked while your wife was nursing? Repubs shot decency in the head just to watch it die.

“Republicans shot decency in the head just to watch it die.”

This tweet only makes us look worse, my guy

Imagine if there were black people in Mid-American cities like St Louis, Cleveland, Chicago, Kansas City, Green Bay, Indy, & Cincy. Then imagine majority black NFL players in said cities. All of whom want to be treated equally, just like the Constitution says! Can you imagine?

Had they linked arms for homeless children would booing have been ok? What about the right to vote? Or if they said we should all treat each other with respect? That politicians shouldn’t accept dark money?

GOP playbook – play the victim no matter what.

It’s OK Josh. We understand that conservatives value patriotic symbols & gestures more than they value the ideals those symbols represent.


Yeah that social justice stuff is so un-American, so anti-Christian, so horrible….just horrible “woke political “ indoctrination into kindness.

You only seem to like protest when it’s for anytihng but equality. The name for that is racism.

What is it about racial justice and unity that you find so offensive, Josh?

The “corporate woke politics” of…equality and unity?

We literally have a US Senator calling human rights and social justice reform “woke politics”. This country is such a disaster.

How is locking arms as a sign of unity disrespecting the flag and “Your” country? It’s their country, too and they have a right to protest or fight for any cause they wish. Exercise your right to change the channel.

Senator, the rest of us are tired of dying at the hands of the police or the fascist in the White House you worship. Good luck with your Supreme Court nomination.

We see what you did there.

instigating a made-up culture war to come out against… UNITY? bold move, senator

He believes in climbing ladders.