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This morning:

Vicky Hartzler @VickyH4Congress
US House candidate, MO-4
Democrats’ plan if they win this November is to silence voices of people who disagree with them. They’re more interested in passing their own liberal agenda than working with people across the aisle:
11:08 AM · Aug 31, 2020

Some of the responses:

Vicki, and I mean this sincerely, I hope you lose this election. I hope the good people of Missouri see that you are intent on perpetuating the us vs. them rhetoric currently dividing this nation and preventing any meaningful progress from being made.

I think she may prefer “Vicky.”

Please show examples of when Republicans have shown interest in “working with people across the aisle”

The party of Mitch McConnell can shut ALL the way up about “reaching across the aisle.”

There you go.

No more fear tactics, Vicky.

What’s she talking about? As if the GOP works across the aisle.

You’re silencing our voices right now. In this present reality of police brutality, a pandemic, economic depression, unnatural disasters. Trump’s America is the worst America has ever been. You want to scaremonger about a different leader who is actually sane? That’s your play?

When that’s all they’ve got…

I really like the liberal agenda. Reduction in death and sickness, increase in funding for small business and prosecution of every member of the Trump administration that has been corrupted.

The @GOP strategy is repeat lies often and hope that people start to believe and vote against their own interests. Or they are racists. Pretty simple.

Hold a town hall

1. This article is over a year old.
2. How is considering ending the filibuster an example of “silencing” anyone?

Good catch.
They’ve got nothing but lies, hate, & old news.

What are Republicans doing then when you and they silence the voices of the MAJORITY who disagree with you?

Well, now they get to name post offices, Ironic, eh?

Your Senate Majority Leader won’t even bring up Democratic bills for a vote. Tell me, what exactly have the Republicans done to each across the aisle

Please show me that “plan”. I’m a die hard Democrat and haven’t seen what you claim. #LiesLiesLies

Republicans are hiding behind their social media accounts, mean tweeting, because that’s what the @potus taught them to do when they don’t want you focus on their own failures. @senatemajldr has had legislation on his desk for months designed to help the American people.

Says the Congressperson who doesn’t even have anyone answer the phones for constituents any more. Now you can only communicate via email, when much of her district lacks adequate internet. Well, I guess you could mail a letter…oh, wait.

There’s that irony stuff again.

Examples please! Hartzler it’s bull shit and you know that. You are one of the most divisive people I know in Missouri, And that’s saying a lot.

Seriously? What world do you live in? Are you pretending be this stupid? You really know the truth. Your party’s now the trump party. If you choose to stay in there, at least accept the narcissistic morons agenda for what it is. Complacent.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].