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Former Governor Eric Greitens (r) [2016 file photo].

Eric Greitens @EricGreitens
In the past, we’ve had leaders who wanted to give people a safe space to loot and to burn.

When I was Governor, we were clear that if someone looted, or burned, the only safe space they were going to have was in a jail cell.
3:08 PM · Jun 1, 2020

On his anniversary.

As usual, the responses are priceless.

[….]No one cares what you think, you lying, pathetic, law breaking, racist, sexual assaulting troll.[….]

When you were governor, you just tied up and blackmailed your mistresses.[….]

You’re irrelevant. Be quiet.

OMG. The have the #dirtymoney #tieherup #stealfromcharity disgraced ex governor on giving advice as to deal with violence? The world is upside down

I had forgotten all about you. No one cares about your opinion

Get back under your rock.

Tell us again, Eric, what else happened when you were Governor. For instance, why you’re NOT Governor. We’ll wait.

Are you still trying to be relevant?

Did you construct jails out of duct tape? Did you tie anyone up?

And your safe word was…?

Being here in Missouri really worked out for you, eh?

Oh, please, for the love of all that is holy, go away.

– A Missouri citizen that didn’t forget

You forfeited by quitting two years ago today, sexual predator. Now bugger off.

Didnt you leave in disgrace? Stay gone

Interesting. Why did you stop being Governor again?

Aren’t you the guy who got run out of office in disgrace?? Get lost, punk.

A safe space like your basement?

You are a terrible human being. Stand down. Stop embarrassing our state any more!

“When” you were Governor. How did that end?

There’s a reason you don’t work there anymore.

Oh man you should really sit everything out not just this situation but everything. You must be enjoying the masks … Oh I’m sorry, it was blindfolds wasn’t it?

@FoxNews has no standards at all.

Your basement doesn’t count as a safe space.

You resigned in shame! Now go away!

You’re an idiot

You might want to sit this one out, asshole.