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Or science. Or math.


MRA @MOGOPAssembly
We call on @GovParsonMO to end the Stay-at-Home Order immediately.

We call on officials to educate the public on the risks of COVID-19 & to encourage self-quarantine if/when recommended, personal responsibility & Christian love for their neighbors.

[Some bullshit that reads like it was written by a junior high school dance decoration subcommittee.]
10:22 AM · Apr 15, 2020

What a bunch of fucking sociopaths. Assholes.

Some of the response are priceless:

Shame on you.

A few questions:
*How do you know if you are healthy or not, when testing is mostly limited to people with (significant) symptoms? Many people infected have few symptoms, but still spread the virus
*Are you aware that MRA is more widely known as short for Men’s Rights Activists?

Indeed, profits are much more important than safety & health of our citizens! Let ’em die, they were sick anyway, or old, or minority, or an immigrant, or some other person not needed by vibrant robust righteous economy!

BTW, what is “Republican wing of the Republican Party”?

Christian love for neighbors means sacrificing cancer patients & other immune compromised people that HAVE to go places for life saving treatments so you can wander around in your normal life infecting people? I’ll keep my Christian values of care for all. We aren’t sacrifices.

I enjoy living, breathing, etc. I guess you don’t?

Hahaha seriously go away!!

And lo Jesus went to the money changers and offered a sacrifice of James the Greater, a small Samaritan child,and Elizabeth – mother of St John the Baptist – all in an attempt to restart the economy.

-Gospel of Parsons in honor of the GOP Lord and Savior, Donald Trump.

And here folks is your pro-life party. Go ahead and die. As long as the economy continues.

Promote the general welfare. The delusions of the extreme right-wing cannot be allowed to threaten us all.

If you assholes are so anxious to get out, go volunteer at a medical facility caring for Covid-19 patients. I’m sure the professionals could use the help.