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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Late last night:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Just voted for major relief for families – $1200 for each adult and $500 for each child, which I’m proud to say will go to EVERY Missourian who needs it. No penalties for low income families. I fought for this relief & we won. In this crisis, Missouri families deserve the help
10:31 PM · Mar 25, 2020

The true believers are not amused.

“Faux News channel, fascist groupies” – protest sign, circa 2003- 2004.

From the comments:

Put AMERICANS first. This bill was full of partisan pork. [right wingnut drivel about immigrants]

I hope it is vetoed as well and we are small business owners. Don’t sugarcoat this disastrous bill. None of you should have passed it. Let Nancy die on the hill that she is willing to murder Americans on. #stimulus #DontSignTheBill

Republicans backed down to Pelosi and Schumer, as usual. Disgusted.

There’s $350 million for refugees and they had the gall to give themselves a pay raise too. I’m hoping the voting ballot harvesting was taken out.

I was going to explain the reason for the first…nah, it’s a true believer, waste of time.

Shocking that our senators & representatives care so little about their constituents that they need to stuff a disaster relief bill full of pork to entice them to vote to help the people they represent. Helping constituents just isn’t enough. Millions for the Kennedy Center!

Disappointed. This bill is trash. Should have demanded a clean relief bill for Workers and Small Businesses.

And yet you conceded on the language about small business loans going to abortion clinics.

The GOP caved when they didn’t have to.

You sold out. Just like everyone else. As a Missourian, I am disgusted

Vote NO. Take out all the Pork.

“Just voted for major relief for families…” And, another constituent who can’t read.

You voted for a pork filled bill. You sold us out.

I can’t believe you voted for a bill with so many Dem pet projects. $350m for refugee and immigrant resettling. Are you kidding me? Provisions for ballot harvesting? Which will doom the GOP like it did in California.

Very disappointed.

That bill is a dumpster fire

That part is good, but SO much is bad!!! I hope the President VETOs it!

Donald Trump (r) will sign it.

Did you vote yourself a raise too ?

It’s gross

We the PEOPLE are ANGRY!!! Stop caving to Democrats–it NEVER CHANGES!!! Why do we even bother to vote?

Yeah, you keep throwing it away.

$1200 is nothing compared to what was given to refugees and congress’s salary

Kill the bill !

“Just voted for major relief for families…” And, another constituent who can’t read.

Not something to be proud of! Sold out to the Dems…again. Republicans have no backbone!

Exactly what percentage of the green new deal did you bow to to get that?

You need to admit what else you voted yes to in that bill!!!!!

What about the ballot harvesting?

And the pay raise for Congress

Good job, about time. But what did you have to give up? How much money for the Democrats pet projects like museums, raises for congress, diversity quotas and the like?

Does anyone want to tell them?

Would like an answer if U sold us out the very people who believed in you & voted for you by voting yes on a bill that included pay raises 4 Congress, amnesty for DACA, funding 4 PBS? Promising only $1200 per person and expect that to be a saving Grace to your constituents?!?

Well, that $1200 per person really adds up quickly.

Take out the pork

You all need to go back strip it down and vote on a stripped down version with no pork. Then we get names of anyone against it. Do this now or Nov will be a shit show.

Hope @realDonaldTrump vetoes this awful bill! Vote harvesting and funding for Kennedy Center? Hell NO!

$1200 is pittance. You gave massive money to Democrat pet projects. NPR & PBS

Evidently not a fan of the Antiques Road Show.

What about voter fraud? Was that removed? The $400MM?

But what will it cost us? Very disappointed. I pray @realDonaldTrump vetoes the bill.

All those extras were pure political nonsense, and all of you should’ve demanded a clean bill. I hope like hell our elections aren’t compromised now.


“Make America Great Again” – in Russian.

Americans reject your pork filled bill Sir, you let the country down.

This bill is a travesty
Just disgusted with all of you in both houses

$350,000,000 for flying in “refugees”? McConnell says it’s a proud moment…you guys failed the country. This is terrible. Resign.

No pork!

It’s a disaster of a bill. Sad that Republicans are celebrating it. Thought better of you, Mr. Hawley.

Does it include dim pork like:

$25,000,000 for The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

$75,000,000 for PBS & NPR

Thanks for the chump change for us and six trillion for corporations.

“Corporations are people, my friend.”

Sorry senator, this bill should be dead with all the awful crap in it. Now I can only pray it either dies in the house or potus vetoes it. Really disappointed Missourian

Just imagine the extra good that could’ve been done with the tax payers dollars allocated for the crap allowed in this Bill. Prove that hard working Americans come first and pass a clean bill. No BS from Nancy.

How do you tell yourself all the Democrat pork was worth it?

Is someone going to tell them about the earlier Trump Administration cuts to the CDC budget?

You guys bent over and spread it for Nanshee. This bill is fkn horrible, and we will not forget.

It’s worthless, just dump it.

“Just voted for major relief for families…” And, another constituent who can’t read.

You suffer from #StockholmSyndrome

Projection doesn’t just happen in movie theaters.

Yep and you got a huge raise, illegals and more crap not necessary! Oh and we get to pay taxes on that messily $1200

Is this a great country, or what?

The bill is legit awful, and an affront to thinking citizens (your bosses) the nation over.

Donald Trump (r) will still sign it. You’ll still vote for Donald Trump (r) in 2020.

Let hope you got the business lending part right.
If not this might be the straw.


We have to stop this bill.

“Just voted for major relief for families…” And, another constituent who can’t read.

This bill will increase unemployment at taxpayer expense. Many will sit home or sleep late to receive more money to not work. That’s not going to sit well with the current workers stocking shelves, working at grocery stores and pharmacy registers who face the risks while working!

Ah, the “all those other lazy bastards should starve” caucus speaks out.

Disappointed to say the least. Hope, for everyone sake, this does not pass. #nopork #nosocialism

“Just voted for major relief for families…” And, another constituent who can’t read.

For all of you out there in the Internets playing word bingo, “communism” has not been played yet.

Stop congratulating yourselves, you should have come together and put out a 10 page bill that ONLY addresses the American people, NOT the Kennedy Center, Sesame Street and all the other BS that didn’t need it (including that damn undeserved raise for the House!!!)

Their kids wanted Big Bird lunch pails, never got one.

Relief only, no pork…I cannot believe this is how our representatives do the people’s business.

Not my 17 year old child! Anyone that is 17 doesn’t get squat! Get money from birth to 16 and from 18 up. But, this bill discriminates against specifically 17 year olds.

That’s a novel complaint. Anyone think it’s a significant voting block? Nah.

Did you? Did you, really?? We want the American people to survive this, but at what cost to our future? @realDonaldTrump please veto.

You forgot to mention all the Pelosi pork!

But, you’ll still take the check, right?

I just went thru all 883 pages of this thing you call “major relief for families.”
It’s a spending spree by elected people who’ve lost all perspective on the value of THE PEOPLE’S MONEY.
A joke.
Save your pat on the back. This doesn’t deserve it Senator.

But, can you read?

Plus the pork. Admit it.

Huge disappointment. This bill is why people despise politicians.

You voted for @DNC pork. Shame on you

Resign !!

What did the GOP surrender to Pelosi?

Every republican voting for voter ballot harvesting needs voted out.

$25M/House; $25M/Kennedy Ctr, $300M/foreign aid, $/unions, unemployment exceeding 100% of salary, what else? WHY???

Why did you let them stuff this relief package with billions of dollars of unnecessary money for unwarranted projects

But, you’ll still take the check, right?

Is this really a win? What did you have to give the dems, raises, $$ for special interest groups? I don’t think it’s worth it when it’s ok for the dems to quid pro the American people. Sorry hard to be happy about this.

Well, that was a right wingnut word salad if I’ve ever seen one.

Im sure giving yourself a raise made you a proud Missourian

Please tell us it doesn’t give the House a $25,000,raise per person, plus additional for expenses!!!

Dems got away with murder! Don’t appear so satisfied with yourself. It’s not a good look.

Don’t pass that pork filled bill!!!

“Just voted for major relief for families…” And, another constituent who can’t read.

Creating more crisis during a crisis, is not something to be proud of. 2.2 T and another 6 t on the way
Will you be one of them getting a $50 thousand dollar raise in this bill while we get a one time $1200 check?
How does that raise for government help in this so called crisis?

Actually believes that republicans in Congress care about the deficit and the national debt.

Why do we even vote for you guys to betray us every single time?

Oooh, I’ve got this one! Because hypnotized sheep are easy to lead.

You just let the Democrats win thank you for pissing on every American citizen in this country. Greed, power and political gains is what the government is about.

But, you’ll still take the check, right?

What about the rest? Why didn’t you fight to correct the bad parts?


And how much did you get?

Don’t like some of the pork but that money will help a lot of families. Thank you Senator

Definitely taking the check.

Too many wasted monies going to people and organizations that do not deserve the monies

But, you’ll still take the check, right?

I am done with incumbents and tired of all of the wasteful spending!

But, you’ll still take the check, right?

Are we funding sanctuary cities and Planned Parenthood? Migrant relocation?

Did you vote to give $25 million to the Kennedy Center, too?

So….Americans get a $1200 one time check while Congress gets a $25 million raise and refugees get $350 million.

Who’s paying that debt back? We are and you weren’t even nice enough to buy us dinner after screwing us.

I understand that $1200 will get you a nice dinner anywhere in Missouri.

What about all that other “essential” Bullshit?

You saw a half wit tooth sucker impeach our @POTUS, rip up a SOTU speech and add Dem agenda pork to a BILL that should have been 100% directed to the crisis at hand…nothing more. You dickheads gave @realDonaldTrump no choice but to sign this garbage.

I’m guessing they’ll still take the check.


It’s the world you created, the rest of us only get to live in it. For now.

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…