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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday, on Twitter:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
This is the guy the Never Trumpers say will usher in a new era of civility?
3:09 PM · Mar 10, 2020

The responses are hilarious:

You can’t use tRump and civility in the same sentence. They just don’t compute.

Don’t you have some senatoring to do? Asking as a voting Missourian.

Indeed. There is no greater act of political courage and civility than sternly rebuking those who are dividing our country by voting for candidates we don’t like. Can’t wait to cast my vote for #CivilJoe

A lot of us are more concerned about the administrations handling o f COVID-19. Not only do we care about the effects on our parents and grandparents, but also on those that can’t afford health insurance and the fact many rural hospitals have closed in MO.

He thinks pearl clutching has better optics with his base.

Just to clarify, does this mean that you don’t agree with how our current president carries himself?
If that’s the standard you’re setting, please make sure to offer your commentary on his behavior similarly.

Not gonna happen.

Sycophants gotta sycophant.

Well, to be fair, your Dear Leader has set the bar pretty damned low on the whole civility thing.

And you would say Trump is more civil? You’re deaf, blind and not too smart if you really believe that. Biden is blunt, that is true. But the other guy was saying things that flat were not true. And Biden had the nerve to say so.

Shouldn’t you be more concerned about getting Covid-19 testing kits to Missouri?

It’s still a far cry from assigning a derogatory nickname and joking about grabbing married women by the pu**y, Josh. Did they teach you the saying about glass houses at your fancy private schools?

Your “guy” has said far worse about women’s bodies.

Biden played the NRA plant correctly – good for Joe

Prefect way to respond to an ignorant comment like the guy made. Common sense gun reform is not anti 2A. Joe knows not to let them frame the debate in their bullshit terms. Good on

Maybe the NRA has learned that sending their plants to Joe’s rallies doesn’t end well for them.

Give ’em hell Joe! Tell the truth on ’em and make ’em think it’s hell!*

Paraphrased from President Harry Truman

Well, Josh…your party’s leader is Trump…makes fun of the disabled, refers to other countries as $hitholes, sleeps around, 5 kids with 3 women, and also uses profanity.

Own it.

Yeah. You don’t get to talk about civility. You enabled Trump.

Everything is relative, clown.

Don’t you have work to do?!?