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Shouted from a pickup truck in traffic: ‘Trump 2020.’
Response from the picket line: ‘Fuck you.’
From the pickup truck: ‘If you don’t like it, leave.’

Wait a minute. How can that last retort make any sense? That’s not how it’s supposed to work. While the minority may possess power, they can’t dictate or control how anyone else chooses to respond to it.

A Fascist in a pickup truck. Go figure. Welcome to America in 2020.

This afternoon around 100 individuals rallied and picketed in Kansas City at Mill Creek Park, adjacent to the Plaza, against Donald Trump’s (r) escalation toward war with Iran.

“Give peace a chance”

“This asshole is going to fuck around and get us all killed”

“Diplomacy, not war, with Iran”

“No more wars. No innocent blood spilled over big oil.”

“The GOP wants WW3”

“Don’t Iraq Iran”

Veterans for Peace

“No to endless war, Yes to peace”

“No war on Iran!”


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