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Mike Pence (r) took to social media to tweet justifications for yesterday’s assassination of the Iranian general. One of his justifications:

Mike Pence @Mike_Pence
Assisted in the clandestine travel to Afghanistan of 10 of the 12 terrorists who carried out the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.
2:05 PM · Jan 3, 2020

Show your homework, you gaslighting maroon.

Some of the responses:


There were 19 hijackers in the 9/11 attacks.

(15 were from Saudi Arabia, 2 from the UAE, 1 each from Egypt and Lebanon.)

1) there were 19 terrorists on 9/11, not 12

2) why the fuck would an agent of a theocratic Shiite state assist agents of a theocratic Sunni group? They literally hate each others’ guts

3) Fuck you

There has been no verifiable proof that Iran (nor Iraq, since we are apparently retreading this bullshit) assisted in al Qaeda’s terrorist attacks.

There is, however, *plenty* of evidence that elements of the Saudi royal family assisted.

The best “proof” warmongering assholes like you have come up with is somebody associated with al Qaeda being in the same country as an agent of Iraq and/or Iran at around the same time. No evidence they met, let alone conspired to attack the US.

WTF are you talking about

Could we get more clarity on your last point, are you suggesting that a man deeply committed to the Shia state of Iran would conspire with Sunni extremists by enabling their travel to Afghanistan, into a country that held the Taliban, a group he vehemently opposed?

It makes absolutely no sense and is simply a throw in to try and justify this to a know nothing base.

hey mike old bean, the rest of us out here in realityland aren’t as gullible as the credulous dimwits who worship Dear Orange Leader. but cool story bro, loving how you wedged 9/11 in there

That airport didn’t attack itself during the Revolutionary War. Wake up sheeple.

Bowling Green didn’t massacre itself

You mean those Saudis who attacked us on 9/11 you homophobic imbecile? The same Saudis who dismembered Khashoggi and who @realDonaldTrump owes 100’s of millions in loans and who should be #impeached for covering it up? Glad you mentioned that, moron.

This is completely illogical and there has never been any evidence of this. The highjackers were Sunnis from Saudi, and Soleimani is Shia from Iran. Also, there were 19 hijackers. How are you the Vice President? Oh, right, the Jesus stuff

Do Saudi Arabia next where almost ALL of the 9/11 attackers came from…

Baked the yellow cake

Shot the sheriff
Let the dogs out
Threw Momma from the train

Okay we’re really doing this, huh? Gonna go the full on WMD, 2003, yellow cake aluminum tubes route.

And he was probably hiding weapons of mass destruction.

In the basement of a pizza shop.

1) Whoa, déjà vu. Is it 2002 again already?

2) There were 19 hijackers, Mike.

3) It sounds like the word “assisted” is doing a LOT of heavy lifting in this tweet, Mike.

If @VP @Mike_Pence had bothered to read the 9/11 Commission’s report before publicly implying that Iran was a knowing, willing, and material participant in the attacks… he might have come across this particularly problematic paragraph in section 7.3.

I believe you mean SAUDI ARABIA.

Hey Mike, there were 19 hijackers on 9/11 (not 12), & they belonged to Al-Qaeda, which is a sworn enemy of Iran (driven by deep ideological hatred of Shias & the Iranian government). Can you plz not insult the intelligence of the American public to justify your deranged policies?

I love it when you guys play the classics. Do yellow cake uranium next

ok false witness bearer

There were 19 hijackers and there is no way an Iranian Shia is helping Sunni Muslims carry out anything.

“Iran was also responsible for the creation of New Coke. They canceled Firefly after one season. Game of Thrones ending? That was Iran’s script.”

Oh for the love of god. Read a history book dude.

[citation needed]

Anyone who falls for this transparent bullshit again wants to.

Soleimani also let the ball go through his legs in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

Proof?? Receipts? Or something…

This makes zero sense and is completely preposterous to anyone familiar with the politics and history of the parties involved. Of course you’re counting on most Americans’ ignorance and conditioning to accept the word of the government to manufacture consent – truth is irrelevant

There were 19, you spectacular dumbass

The likelihood of Iran assisting OBL plot 9/11 is about the same as the likelihood of Billy Graham helping Larry Flynt direct a porno. If you want to find people who did assist the 9/11 hijackers, look at some of Jared Kushner’s business partners.


Straight up inaccuracy, AKA overt lie.

But whatever, there isn’t a commandment about that or anything.

This is a lie, liar.

Check your math on this one. And your facts on all the others.

Also fixed the 1919 World Series

Declassify his participation in the “Rise of Skywalker” script.

Yeah, he did 911?

Well, I heard he bombed Pearl Harbor, struck down Obi Wan, and killed my mom.

Dude, try to keep your sickening propaganda at least borderline credible.

And on and on…