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At 5:00 p.m. this evening close to two hundred individuals gathered in below freezing temperatures to stand in day old snow at Mill Creek Park near the entrance to the Plaza in Kansas City – in support of impeaching and removing Donald Trump (r). This was one of over 600 hundred such rallies organized across the country on the eve of the House debate and vote on articles of impeachment for Trump.

“Trump is not above the law.”

Media coverage included at least two Kansas City metro area television stations.

Interview with the metro area ABC affiliate.

“Trust America, not Russia”


The Four Horsemen of Impeachment:

“Extortion, Bribery, Obstruction, Emoluments”

“Impeach Trump”

“Putin on the Grift”

“Trump is not above the law”

Interview with the metro area Fox affiliate.

For the most part the reaction from passing traffic into the Plaza shopping area was supportive – consisting mostly of sustained car horns. The occasional Trump dead ender shouted at the protesters. The response from the picket line was a group chant of “lock him up.”