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Most of us are.

Yesterday, from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r):

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Pelosi’s one-size-fits-all approach to tackle prescription drug prices doesn’t address the root causes. Her drug price plan is filled with socialist price controls that stifles research and innovation.

This isn’t right. We can do better. We have to work together.
10:23 AM · Sep 20, 2019

Ah, socialism, the current right wingnut republican buzzword.

“…Her drug price plan is filled with socialist price controls that stifles research and innovation…”

NIH funding contributed to 210 approved drugs in recent years, study says
By Megan Thielking [….] February 12, 2018

…Federally funded studies contributed to the science that underlies every one of the 210 new drugs approved between 2010 and 2016…

Pharmaceutical corporations need to stop free-riding on publicly-funded research
By Jason Cone, opinion contributor — 03/03/18 01:00 PM EST
…Pharmaceutical companies have perpetuated a myth that high prices are necessary in order to compensate for the risks and investments they undertake when developing drugs. And governments like the U.S. — the biggest funder of global health research and development (R&D) — have let them…

Or did Representative Hartzler (r) really mean “stifles exorbitant profits and CEO compensation”?

Meanwhile, there was much hilarity in some of the comments to Representative Hartzler’s (r) Pharma Tweet:

Girl, you’ve taken $1.1M+ in farm subsidies.

Tell me about how you hate socialized programs again.

So Hartzler loves socialism…as long as she’s getting the benefits personally. Screw poor, sick, and hungry kids, though, eh?

Wrong, her [Pelosi] drug price plan protects the American consumers!!!
#UnAmerican #CorruptGOP

You aren’t trying. You aren’t working together. She could come out tomorrow and support a GOP plan and you’d still call it socialist. Piss off. This is 100% fixable and your fault for doing nothing.

Granting @HHSGov limited authority to negotiate prices on 250 *branded* prescription drugs that lack generic or biosimilar competitors & represent the greatest cost to Medicare, with a cap at 120% of market price in 6 other countries…Is “Socialism”?

Republicans haven’t done sh*t except try to take healthcare AWAY.
Your prez is trying to repeal what little we have left. Who believes anything republicans say anymore?

Hey the GOP has done absolutely nothing yet, so I’m sure after this really informed tweet you will get right back to doing nothing!

Republicans had the majority in the House for 10 years, and the only thing that happened were attempts to repeal the ACA 60 some odd times. Discuss actual policy specifics and details on alternatives, and we can talk.

You do not seem to be representing anyone but the GOP brand, GOP buzz words and your own self interests. Healthcare, insurance and prescription drug costs are unaffordable for your constituents. Not for you or Congress though. How about a Town Hall on the topic?

Open public town hall? Not gonna happen.

Good grief; is there anybody out there who buys this garbage rhetoric? Capitalism is not doing sick people any favors. Time to try something new.

Tweet out your plan that’s better in detail. I will be waiting.

We see what you did there. Tweet/detail.

It seems like the new buzz word for the republicans is “socialist”

Hey, we already said that…

Big Pharma has been paying the GOP for years to not allow Medicare to negotiate prices. I remember watching debate on the House floor in 2003 when the Medicare reform bill was passed. The Democrats wanted to include limits to rising Rx prices. The GOP would not allow it.

#socialist says what?

You mean greed, right!

You can do better? You have done NOTHING for YEARS!!!

So what is your plan because this is a serious issue and it seems like Pelosi actually wants to deal with it?

Socialist farm subsidies and bailout money is good but socialist approaches to help people get affordable prescription drugs are bad. You’re a bigly hypocrite!

You mean socialist, like the massive farm subsidies you collect?

Republicans only criticize but NEVER come up with feasible ideas for healthcare & drug costs! You are not helping the matter. If u have criticism then u better come back with a viable solution. Ur the problem!

What is your plan Vicky? That’s right, more of the same, the GOP plan of working Americans getting screwed to make the rich even richer.

Socialist? You clearly don’t understand the meaning of the word. I am beginning to doubt your abilities.

Nice cut and paste Vicky. Follow the line and deflect.

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].