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This morning on Twitter, from Liz Cheney (r) (a U.S. Representative from Wyoming):

Liz Cheney @Liz_Cheney
Please @AOC do us all a favor and spend just a few minutes learning some actual history. 6 million Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust. You demean their memory and disgrace yourself with comments like this.
9:25 AM – 18 Jun 2019

Some of the responses:

Actually if you do some research you would know that there was a huge difference between concentration camps and death camps. May I suggest you travel to Terezín then Dachau to see for yourself.

To be fair, the Cheney family are huge experts on human rights violations …

Jew here who spent three years as a professional historical researcher. Before I block you so insipid, morally bankrupt comments like your don’t darken my timeline again, two things:

1. They’re concentration camps
2. This ain’t your lane

please @Liz_Cheney, daughter of war criminal-profiteer – as you are not a Jew or a member of a rebuked community just please STFU about us. Your comments are sacrilegious, whereas @AOC actually is way ahead of you in every way imaginable.

Yeah, we’ve got pedants debating what “counts” as a “real” concentration camp, instead of thinking about what they lead to. The last words of the Republic will be “well, actually…”

2016: “You act like Trump will be building concentration camps.”

2019: “I think calling them ‘concentration camps’ is inflammatory.”

Here’s some actual history for you:

During World War II, the Japanese American internees at Heart Mountain — in your state of Wyoming — called that a “concentration camp” as well.

.@Liz_Cheney, don’t speak for me or my Jewish ancestors. In fact, @AOC is correct. You don’t understand history. You demean their memory by failing to see that “Never Again” is now. By supporting Trump, you promote cruelty, concentration camps, and racism

The history here is just not complicated. I’m just waiting for Liz to say actually concentration camps are good!

Jew here. @AOC’s point is exactly why we say “Never forget.” The Holocaust did not begin with the murder of 6 million Jews. It began with the same dehumanization, deportation, and internment we see today. You, sickeningly, invoke the Holocaust to minimize their suffering. Shame.

Also, Liz, we prefer you don’t say “exterminated” about people. That’s for rats and cockroaches (both Nazi metaphors for the Jews they murdered, incidentally!).

If I were the daughter of a man who lied to start a war for his own gain that annihilated 1/2 million humans, Id keep my head down & mouth shut. Your head is up your *** while you mouth off with stunning, indefensible ignorance. Way to not have learned a damn thing, #LizCheney

Also, the Holocaust did not start with the death of 6 million.

It started with an authoritarian populist scapegoating a despised minority for his country’s economic problems, and increasingly using govt power to terrorize them.

Warmonger’s daughter says what?

Go fuck yourself Liz. Like you care about Jews or minorities.

Hey, Liz – I’m glad you want to learn history. Let’s start.

The Holocaust began in Hitler’s ninth year in power, after years of Hitler saying the things Trump is saying now.

Kristallnacht would be in 2022 if we keep on the same pace, which we have so far.

Thanks for listening.

I guess I’m not surprised that the daughter of a war criminal would be mad about calling concentration camps what they are.

ICYMI The daughter of a war criminal is scolding a person for calling out a humanitarian crisis.

Idk Liz, could you maybe read up on all the death your own father caused before lecturing someone utilizing an entirely incorrect interpretation of what a concentration camp actually is

Imagine being the daughter of a war criminal who literally has no heart and asking other people to learn history. Biden might like your family but the rest of us remember your dad belongs in The Hague.

Well, Liz, actually they are concentration camps. And the US operated them against US citizens who had Japanese backgrounds during WW2. Please, take a seat, and let someone knowledgeable speak.

How dare you @Liz_Cheney? If you had any grasp of history, you would know that the Holocaust did not start with gas chambers, it started by moving “undesirables” into camps where they could be concentrated, away from the general populace. Sound familiar?

The final solution started with dehumanizing a group of people. That is what is happening today.

Sorry, Liz, but the Holocaust STARTED with detainment. It’s a tragedy that those who protested then were detained themselves or shouted down. And that’s what you’re doing, right… now.

As more tragedies happen in our custody, we will remember you said this.

What is going on now in the States is literally what was happening in the Reich at the beginning of the war.

Read a book, Cheney. These are concentration camps.

Read a book and feel shame.

Concentration camps aren’t necessarily camps where they kill people, that’s death camps. Concentration camps are where they put a load of people in effectively a prison without trial, which is exactly what the USA does. They’re often the first step on the way towards death camps

People like you, powerful people who equivocate and deflect, who provide cover to monsters, take all the mystery out of how modern societies commit genocide.

We see you. We see what you are doing.

Let’s see…
Overcrowding, check.
Inadequate food, water, and medical care, check.
Separating families, check.
Abuse by staff, check.
Indefinite detention, check.
No access to legal recourse, check.

Ok…what word should we use for these places?

how do you think the holocaust started liz

Funny how Republicans want to redefine words and history to pretend that “concentration camp” must mean “death camp”, and then further claim that anything short of this is okay.

I’m Jewish. People like you think of the Holocaust only in terms of the final outcome. It began though with fear mongering, pogroms, and the ghettoizing of Jews. There was a build up to the camps. What is happening at our border carries the same spirit of Germany in 1938.

I know, I know, it’s far easier for @Liz_Cheney to take advantage of Americans’ misunderstanding of history and what concentration camps are to rant that @AOC is saying the US government is running death camps. That doesn’t change the fact that we are running concentration camps.

You don’t speak for me. As someone who has family that was lost in the Holocaust, I don’t need an apology from AOC. What’s happening at the border is horrible and the reason we say Never Again.

My grandmother survived four years at Auschwitz. Her entire family was killed. From the stories she has told me, Donald Trump is indeed running concentration camps. We don’t know how many people are dying. They didn’t either in the 1930s.

Sit down, Liz.

The Holocaust began with the demonization of Jews and other minorities and culminated in the camps. My father, of blessed memory, survived Buchenwald, but was persecuted well before his transport there. @Liz_Cheney, do not minimize the hate, bigotry, and prejudice that exists.

This is a cowardly dodge @Liz_Cheney. Using historical memory as a human shield for your own complicity in current atrocity is… an atrocity.

Please, describe what’s happening in a way that doesn’t sound like a concentration camp?

Have they started using the old Japanese internment camps yet? You know, if you’ve got a bunch of old concentration camps laying around, you.might as well use them? Am I right, Liz?

Austrian here. AOC is en pointe. It starts always small, but when u r putting kids in camps, u r wayyy down the lane kinda all the way into fascism.
They r concentration camps.

“GOP representative gets offended when someone calls their draconian policies by their actual names”

You know what? This tweet disgraces every decent and good American. Not to mention history, the dead, and why we fought World War II

Don’t mind me. I’m just here to watch the war criminal’s daughter train to claim the moral high ground with the usual historical illiteracy.

Look, I know you’ve got lots of experience trying to rationalize away crimes against humanity — I mean, Thanksgiving would be awkward otherwise! — but maybe leave this one to people who know what they’re talking about.

I realize that if there’s one thing the Cheney family knows, it’s War Crimes. Still – ‘actual history’ isn’t on your side on this one. Just please remember when you do your research ‘good guys on both sides’ does NOT apply to these camps. Don’t need you coming back with ideas.

I’d recommend learning the history yourself. Holocaust and concentration camp historians have classified the immigration centers as concentration camps. Based on *checks notes* the history that Liz Cheney did not read.

What is they say about glass houses? I’m pretty confident that anybody with the name Cheney is disqualified from spouting outrage.

Welcome to America in 2019.